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I'm in a sleep challenge and my sleep that I'm logging is not being updated. I'm using Apple Health and it is connected to Go 365, and yet the challenge I'm in shows 0 sleep hours logged. Attached is a screenshot of my settings in both Apple Health and Go 365 showing that they are connected. 

I haven't been able to pass 2 factor authentication issue on my mobile. I can not login to Go365 app hence sync my data. I have contacted customer service several times but there isn't any resolution. What I see from the Go 365 Community, others are also experiencing this issue. How can I resolve this? I have to re-verify each login. I am in a
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I set up monthly private challenges for our company.  The employees who use Samsung mobile phones are unable to join our challenge PSGI August 2018.  Our Apple users are able to join.  The Samsung users have up to date apps installed on their phones and are trying to join while the Go365 app is closed, so when they click on the link
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I reached platinum on 1/11 and my steps stopped syncing. I did notice I got credit for today's steps but not for 10 days prior. I've restarted app, Uninstalled and reinstalled app. I even spoke to Zoila, our workplaces go365 Rep in person today and she provided some IT help but it didn't fix it. I also didn't get points for checking into a beacon