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Announcement 1 Known Step Delay - 9.28.20
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What is happening? Some devices have a delay in data being received. Devices include, Fitbit and Apple Health.    When did this start? Around 9/22-9/24, the initial date depends on the device and the last sync of the device.    What do I need to do? Nothing at this time. If any actions are required, we will update this post

I haven’t been receiving points for steps since Thursday September 25th
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I'm looking for an update on this issue, it looks like others are having the same issue as well. Go365 stopped syncing the steps in my Fitbit app at some point on 9/23/2020. My last Daily Workouts earning is for 6 points on that day, when I got 12k+ steps recorded on my Fitbit. Likewise, the steps for 9/24 through today (10k+, 14k+, and 20k+) have