• Where/how do I log into SelfHelpWorks course?

    I've looked everywhere in the Go365 site and can find no web address on any emails about it.
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  • Boosting Biometrics Issue - Rude Employee

    Back in September when I had my Biometric Screening done with Humana, the girl who did it said the machine wouldnt read my HDL and LDL so now I dont qualify for my boosting biometrics.  I was unaware that it woul...
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  • I have not gotten my biometrics. Is it too late? And if I submit it will the fee be removed from my paycheck?

    I have not gotten my biometrics. Is it too late? And if I submit it will the fee be removed from my paycheck?
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  • I have been unable to access go365 on my desktop or via the app.

    Every time I log in on my app I get an error message that says "log in failed, an error occurred, try again." When I attempt to log in on the desktop I go through the 2 step verification and then it takes me back...
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  • Why am i not receiving points for my sleep diary?

    I have only had 1 night with less than 7 hours of sleep in the past two weeks. Every week my dashboard reads "sleep 7+ hours 5 or more days a week: 0 points" what is different? I was receiving points for this-then I a...
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  • Where can I find old webinars?

    I just took a Go365 survey that asked if I knew that I can look at past Go365 webinars. I didn't know that, but I think it's great. But when I tried to find the archive of webinars, I couldn't. Where do I find those?
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  • Are there discounts for Coaching apps?

    I've seen some references in the Coaching apps materials that make me think Go365 might offer discounted memberships for some of the apps, but I haven't been able to find any codes or links to something like that. Are...
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  • My labs were incorrectly loaded into my health report after biometric screening. How do i update?

    My triglycerides were 84 and the lab is entered 184.
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  • I am currently subscribed to Noom. Is there a discount code for renewal?

    I paid $90.30 for the first 4 months. I had a discount code. My renewal will be $129. I was hoping to get another discount. I have lost 23 pounds and want to lose 12 more to have a healthy BMI. 
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  • Test question

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  • How do I sign up for coaching to earn pionts?

    How do I sign up for coaching to earn points?
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  • Where is a free stop smoking coach?

    Stop smoking
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  • cannot connect fitbit coach

    I cannot get Fitbit Coach to Connect in the app, when i hit details it just takes me to the app store. i already have it downloaded and paid for the annual membership but nothing is counting.
    Chrissy Crotts
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  • I want know if  we can access our emails to our coaches in 2018

    I want to know if we no longer have access to our prior year 2018 coaches email or if its now in group forum format.
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  • i started keto 6 days ago lost 6lb so far. where can i track my progress and get points?

    i started keto and want to track my loss and get points. how can i do it on 365
    Abigail Moore
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  • Can you no longer chat with a coach?

    Can you no longer chat with a coach? All I see is apps you have to pay for.
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