• Why is your site so messed up?

    I ask a question but here I am not allowed to type anything. Do you have a phone number or email address? 
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  • RE GO 365 who can i talk to who knows how to set up an iwatch from APPLE to track my activity for 100 day dash -- i dont see any of these apps on it..  It has an activity tracker but it doesnt say "ihealth" or any other app on go365

    I have the go365 app on my iphone
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  • Where/how do I log into SelfHelpWorks course?

    I've looked everywhere in the Go365 site and can find no web address on any emails about it.
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  • Boosting Biometrics Issue - Rude Employee

    Back in September when I had my Biometric Screening done with Humana, the girl who did it said the machine wouldnt read my HDL and LDL so now I dont qualify for my boosting biometrics.  I was unaware that it woul...
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  • I have not gotten my biometrics. Is it too late? And if I submit it will the fee be removed from my paycheck?

    I have not gotten my biometrics. Is it too late? And if I submit it will the fee be removed from my paycheck?
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  • I have been unable to access go365 on my desktop or via the app.

    Every time I log in on my app I get an error message that says "log in failed, an error occurred, try again." When I attempt to log in on the desktop I go through the 2 step verification and then it takes me back...
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  • Test

    this is a test
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  • Why am i not receiving points for my sleep diary?

    I have only had 1 night with less than 7 hours of sleep in the past two weeks. Every week my dashboard reads "sleep 7+ hours 5 or more days a week: 0 points" what is different? I was receiving points for this-then I a...
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  • Where can I find old webinars?

    I just took a Go365 survey that asked if I knew that I can look at past Go365 webinars. I didn't know that, but I think it's great. But when I tried to find the archive of webinars, I couldn't. Where do I find those?
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  • Telephonic Health Coaching

    WHAT: Telephonic coaching added back to Go365 Nov. 1st   Telephonic-based coaching will be available again to all Go365 Commercial groups, with the exception of a few (check your plan details) beginning on Nov...
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  • Are there discounts for Coaching apps?

    I've seen some references in the Coaching apps materials that make me think Go365 might offer discounted memberships for some of the apps, but I haven't been able to find any codes or links to something like that. Are...
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  • How do you earn points with the new health coaching apps?

    You can earn up to 10 Points weekly for interacting with the apps for a total of 520 Points per program year. You must complete one of the following activities in full with the corresponding app to receive Points for ...
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  • Go365 Virtual Well-Being Coaching

    Open video

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  • My labs were incorrectly loaded into my health report after biometric screening. How do i update?

    My triglycerides were 84 and the lab is entered 184.
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  • I am currently subscribed to Noom. Is there a discount code for renewal?

    I paid $90.30 for the first 4 months. I had a discount code. My renewal will be $129. I was hoping to get another discount. I have lost 23 pounds and want to lose 12 more to have a healthy BMI. 
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  • Test question

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  • How do I sign up for coaching to earn pionts?

    How do I sign up for coaching to earn points?
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  • Where is a free stop smoking coach?

    Stop smoking
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  • In Search of Morning Work-Out Accountibility Partner

    Hello Community,   I love my morning work-outs, but sometimes find that it can be hard to get up and get to the gym in the mornings. I've been scouring my social media sites for someone that would want to help h...
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  • I am getting a physical with blood work on Friday.  Will I get rewards points for this?

    I am getting a physical with blood work on Friday. Will this count as reward points?
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