30 Actions That Improve your Life

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How many times do you have to do something before it becomes a habit? For most people, doing something three times per week, over a period of at least 6 weeks, is usually enough to get into a habit. In light of this, we wanted to share 10 different habits you can do three times per week (30 actions), for a life of wellness.

1.    Walk – The CDC estimates one hour of walking at 3.5 MPH burns 280 calories. Fast walker? Walking at 4.5 MPH for an hour can burn up to 460 calories. Also, since 10,000 steps are about 3-5 miles, walking is a really simple way to earn Vitality Points. Grab your pedometer and go!

2.      Hike – At a whopping 370-calorie burn per hour, hiking tops the CDC’s list for “common” activities that burn big calories.


3.      Smile – Besides just making you feel happy, psychological scientists Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman of the University of Kansas recently conducted a study that found individuals who smile while doing activities had lower heart rates afterward than those who did not.


4.      Laugh – It feels good to laugh. And, according to WebMD, it can even be like a mild workout. Drop and give me 20 seconds of laughter!


5.      Travel – Stop saying, “Someday I’ll travel to Paris,” and make a plan to make it happen. You’ll be amazed at the positive impact just planning a trip can have on your happiness.


6.      Read – You’ve got to make time to exercise your mind as well as your body, so make sure you’re stepping through a book when you’re not stepping through your neighborhood.


7.      Dance – Did someone say Zumba®? Aside from being a whole lot of fun, dancing activities like Zumba burn 330 calories per hour according to the CDC. Don’t forget your heart rate monitor or pedometer to earn Vitality Points!


8.      Bike – Did you know that biking 10 miles in less than one hour burns 590 calories? Even if you’re a slower rider, you can burn nearly 290 calories in just 60 minutes!


9.      Swim– Rope off 30 minutes of your day to dedicate to swimming laps, and you’ll wash away255 calories. Move up to an hour and you’ll dive over the 500 calorie mark.


10.  Sleep – After the active day you’ve had, make sure you get enough shut-eye to tackle your healthy life again tomorrow. The New York Times just posted the results of a study that found adults who don’t get enough sleep are at a higher risk for weight gain.

Are there any healthy habits you would add to this list? Have your say in the comments below!


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