What is Heart Disease and how can you prevent it?

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In honor of Heart Disease Awareness Month (February), here are some facts that may help you live healthier for longer. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US—especially among women. While it’s not contagious, it is hereditary and onset can happen at any age. The earlier you understand your risk, the sooner you can take action towards prevention, and earn rewards with HumanaVitality® while you’re at it.

What exactly is Heart disease?
Heart disease is a group of conditions that affect the structure and functions of the heart. If left untreated, over time it can result in deadly events like heart attack or stroke.

How can it be prevented?
Because heart disease is generally manageable, your best line of defense is education and prevention. By utilizing several features of the HumanaVitality program, you may reduce your risk of heart disease

  1. Know your stats: Get yearly Vitality Checks to learn and manage your BMI (body mass index), blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels.
  2. Set goals: Once you know your stats, set recommended goals to reach or stay within a healthy range on all of your biometrics.
  3. Get a move on: Regular exercise is a great way to fight heart disease. Small changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or planning a walking date with a friend are smart  to take better care of your heart. Plus, earn Vitality Points and increase your Vitality Status when you wear a fitness device and reach the daily fitness minimum
  4. Eat right: Protect yourself by eating a balanced diet. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends the following servings:
  • Fruits and vegetables:  At least 4-5 cups a day
  • Fish (preferably oily fish, like salmon): At least two 3.5-ounce servings a week
  • Fiber-rich whole grains: At least three 1-ounce servings a day
  • Nuts, legumes and seeds: At least 4 servings a week, unsalted whenever possible

Improving nutrition can make direct and positive impacts on your cholesterol and blood pressure, factors that may lead to increased risk of Heart Disease. Try one of our heart-healthy recipes such as a Grilled Wild Salmon with Spicy Peppers, Goat Cheese & Chives or Pistachio Crusted Chicken to keep your heart in good shape!


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