Get social to get happy and healthy

Blog Post created by communitymanager on Jan 20, 2020


by Shannon Spence

Your social network is one of THE BEST tools for dealing with the stressors of life. Several studies have shown that leaning on your social support network contributes to psychological well-being.1 Not only can you benefit from a sense of belonging, increased self-worth and feelings of security, your friends and peers can also help hold you accountable with your health and well-being goals. People who build a support system are more likely to succeed at goals like getting more active.2 From working with a coach or workout buddy to participating in online communities, the variety of options is as diverse as personalities are unique. So, what type of social connection is right for you?


Achieving your health goals sometimes requires a little help from our friends, and that includes the virtual ones. The influence of our social networks can be a powerful motivator to encourage us to stay active, eat right and just be happy.

Go365 offers quite a few options when it comes to finding motivation to exercise or eat healthy within a community of like-minded people. Through the website or Go365 App, you can start or join a step or weight loss challenge with friends and family, and compete against other teams at your company. And soon, you will have the ability to message, heckle and high-five one another through our challenges platform. Look for more information to come on these exciting new features!

If you need help clarifying your goals and priorities, connect to a health coach through the Go365 program at no additional cost to you – it’s part of the program! This trained professional can help you create a personalized plan, help find your hidden motivation, and provide you with the support and accountability you need. Sessions are held online, via phone or a combination of the two.

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Live and in-person

If your style is more face-to-face, schedule workout dates with a friend and stick to them. While you may not be experts, the point is that you get out there and get active together. There are a variety of options through Go365 that can help you connect with others and even support a good cause while you’re at it, including:

  • Joining a sports league 
  • Participating in a 5K walk and getting friends and family to join 
  • Finding a colleague and developing a fitness habit together, such as taking walking breaks or using the stairs more often. Just make sure to set up your new habit in the Go365 App to earn Points.

There’s no right way to achieve your health goals. What matters is that you’re taking steps to get there. And get there you will!

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2 Gina Demillo, “Strength in Numbers: The Importance of Fitness Buddies,”, accessed November 2016. 

Go365 is not an insurance product. This material is provided for informational use only and should not be construed as medical advice or used in place of consulting a licensed medical professional. Consult with your doctor to determine what is right for you.