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Why exercise now?

While you may feel like you’re just trying to survive this situation at the moment, staying physically active throughout the week is an important part of your daily routine. As Harvard Health Publishing reports, physical activity, sleep and stress management can boost your immune system. And Go365 can help with all three.


Physical activity

Though you may not be physically as close to your friends, coworkers or family members as you may like, you can still stay in touch with them by creating a custom Go365 Challenge and inviting your contacts who are Go365 members to join you. Wearing your activity tracker (or using the one on your smartphone) while you walk up and down your stairs, jog or march in place, dance in your living room can help you earn Points. Earn 1 Point per 1,000 steps each day up to 50 Points per week. Getting bored with your steps? Try one of our connected fitness apps or check out YouTube for many free and fun workout ideas.


Address your stress

Feeling anxious about the pandemic? The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports exercise can help. Other things that may reduce panic include journaling and mindfulness. If you don’t already have ideas about how to include these practices in your day, explore these options and more on your Go365 mobile app: Five Minute Journal, Unwinding Anxiety and Stop Breathe and Think. Earn 10 Points per week when you complete an eligible activity – you could earn up to 520 Points per program year.



A healthy sleep routine can help boost your immune system and your perspective. For those who are sheltering in place, a healthy sleep routine can help you find a sense of normalcy with your circadian rhythms and daily routine. Keep a sleep diary in Go365 and earn up to 25 Points weekly – up to 150 per program year.

While we don’t know exactly when this situation will pass, we know that supporting each other makes things a bit easier. Here’s to your well-being. 




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The situation with COVID-19 changes day by day. At Go365, we understand these uncertain times can make us all a little stir-crazy, and we want you to know we’re available to help you in your health and well-being goals. In addition to following CDC and WHO guidance around your health and social distancing, Go365 can offer you support for staying active, mitigating stress and boosting your immune system.

Keep it safe

Posted by communitymanager Apr 6, 2020

Regular activity is good for all of us, and it’s important to stay safe while becoming more active. Here are some tips for doing so:

·         Talk to a doctor.  Talk to your doctor before engaging in exercise, especially if you haven’t been active recently.  Also consult your doctor if you have any injuries or health conditions, or if you experience any troublesome symptoms during exercise such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or dizziness.

·         Pay attention to your body. Start slowly and gradually increase your activity level.  At times you may need to cut back or change your routine.  Physical activity can be challenging, but shouldn’t be painful.

·         Prevent soreness and injury. Take five to 10 minutes to warm up and cool down properly to prevent soreness and injury, and be aware that training too hard or too often can cause overuse injuries.  Shoot for a mix of different kinds of activities that use different muscle groups, and make sure to rest between bouts of activity.

·         Remember the weather. In cold weather, wear layers you can easily peel off. In hot weather, try exercising during cooler hours or in an air-conditioned gym.  Watch for signs of overheating such as headache, dizziness, nausea, faintness, cramps, or palpitations.  No matter the temperature, always drink lots of water!

·         Use good form. Especially for strength training, good form is critical to success. Initially use no weight or very light weights when learning the exercises. And never sacrifice good form by hurrying to finish reps or sets, or struggling to lift heavier weights.


Finally, if you have persistent or intense muscle pain that starts during a workout or right afterward, or muscle soreness that persists more than one to two weeks, call your doctor for advice.