A 10-minute exercise for busy people

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Once in a while, you find yourself pulling a quick-and-dirty when you have no time. You eat a cereal bar when you’re on the run in the morning. You shove clutter into drawers and closets when expecting company on short notice. And you probably crammed for a test at least once when you were in school. We’ve all been there.


But the good news is that when it comes to exercise, taking a shortcut is still beneficial to your health.


The benefit of time-efficient exercise

Experts agree that mini-workouts help with fitness goals like building muscle mass and managing weight.[1] In addition, they can give you a boost in energy, mood, and mental sharpness.[2] Plus, there’s a subtle psychological benefit. If you’ve struggled with keeping up your exercise, completing these shorter exercise sessions can encourage you to stick with it over the long run.

Ideally, aim for 30 minutes of exercise every day. And yes, those 30 minutes could be broken down into three 10-minute sessions.[3]


Get some cardio done without equipment

Here’s just one ten-minute aerobic exercise that you can squeeze into a lunch break, between meetings or work shifts, or whenever you find yourself with just a little bit of down time.

If you’re a beginner, try the following with 30 seconds of activity, followed by 30 seconds of rest. If you’re intermediate, try 40 seconds of activity followed by 20 seconds of rest. And if you’re advanced, attempt 50 seconds of activity followed up by… you probably guessed it, 10 seconds of rest.

When ready, cycle through these exercises[4],[5]

  • Mimic jump roping. This is a great way to warm up.

  • Jumping jacks. Feel your heart starting to pump!

  • Planks with shoulder taps. This is where get into a high plank position (it looks like the beginning of a push up) and you tap your hand onto your opposite shoulder. Keep your core tight as you do this.

  • Squat jumps. We’re raising the intensity. Keep your feet hip-width apart and squat down almost as if you’re sitting. Then push yourself up on your heels into a jump.

  • Burpees. Here’s the hardest part. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Then lower yourself onto the palms of your hands and push your feet back into a high plank position. Do a push up. Then pull your feet up to your hands on the floor and push yourself upright with a jump. You can skip the push up if it’s too intense.


By the end of ten minutes, be rest assured that this set of exercises gets your blood pumping!



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