• Not getting points for sleep

    Not getting points for sleep through health app and have it as an activity. I am getting points for steps & mindfulness minutes. Any clue why?
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  • Is my apple watch not compatible to sync and log workouts, activities, etc?

    I only see fitbits in the devices section.  I workout daily and it's logged on my apple watch. I linked the health app, but it is not consistent with my watch.  
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  • Improve Health Assessment - add "gain weight" option to "how do you feel about your current weight?"

    I just took my health assessment and was a bit upset by the options to answer the question "How do you feel about your current weight?" The only options available are "I would like to lose weight" and "I'm okay with m...
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  • 3 ways to build resilience to stressful life events

    Resilience is your ability to adapt to adversity or unexpected changes that occur in your life. Contrary to what many believe, resilience is not an inborn personality trait that some people naturally have and others l...
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