Bowtie Pasta with Turkey and Almonds

Blog Post created by communitymanager on Jan 23, 2019


The turkey and almonds in this pasta recipe are just two of the best sleep-promoting foods, according to a list by Healthline. The poppy seed dressing is also a lighter alternative to creamy dressings like ranch.


1 pound farfalle (bowtie) pasta*


1 pound turkey, cubed (bite-sized)


½ cup red onion, diced


½ cup celery, diced


1 cup whole almonds, toasted


1 cup dried cherries


1 cup gorgonzola cheese, cubed (or a similar cheese like feta or goat cheese)


4 large fresh basil leaves, finely chopped


1 ½ jars (12 oz.) poppy-seed dressing


Seasoned salt and pepper to taste

* If you want alternatives, fusilli (corkscrew) or conchiglie (seashell) pasta could also work.

1. Cook pasta according to package directions. After draining and rinsing with cold water to cool the pasta, set it aside.


2. In a large bowl, add turkey, onion, celery, almonds, dried cherries, cheese and basil. Toss to mix.


3. Add pasta. Gently toss to distribute all ingredients.


4. Add seasoned salt and pepper to taste.


5. Add poppy seed dressing and mix gently to coat all. Add more dressing if needed.


6. Transfer to serving bowl. Cover and refrigerated up to an hour before serving.