Stay Mindful

Blog Post created by communitymanager on Jan 29, 2019

Living a healthy lifestyle is about consciously making healthy choices each day. This involves being intentional – or remaining aware of each choice – throughout the day. 

Building your awareness can seem challenging, but creating certain mindful habits sets the stage for feeling healthy and fulfilled. Check out the options below to see which you’d like to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle.

  • Mindful eating: This means slowing down and being aware of the sensations of eating – really tasting, smelling, and enjoying the food as you eat it. It also means listening to your body and knowing what it feels like when you’re hungry or full, and acting in accordance with those feelings.
  • Awareness of beliefs: We are all raised with certain beliefs about the world, whether it’s being part of the “clean plate club,” using food as comfort, or the need to always say “yes” to others’ demands. Becoming aware of your own personal set of beliefs, viewing them without judgment, and then choosing how you want to respond in the future are at the heart of conscious living.
  • Mindful movement:  Building conscious awareness of how you feel during or after physical activity provides a much-needed opportunity to reconnect with your body. Love the way you feel on a favorite walk or when salsa dancing? Do more of that. And while feeling your muscles fatigue during a workout may not be enjoyable, noticing the feelings and recognizing your muscles’ newfound strength can be empowering. 
  • Self-acceptance:  This is about accepting your current weight and body as it is, even while having goals to improve your health and your lifestyle. It also means letting go of guilt and shame about minor lapses, which can lead to self-defeating or self-sabotaging choices.  Although it may seem contradictory, when you accept where you are at the moment without judgment, you’re better able to get back on track and make the next choice a healthy one.

Living mindfully is about making conscious choices throughout the day, each day. It is a commitment to consistently practice self-awareness and self-acceptance. And it’s the foundation to your new, healthy lifestyle. 

Not sure how to stay mindful?  Talk to your coach!