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I’m using my HealthIQ and Breathe apps daily to try and gain points however there’s not any points going on my Go365. 
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I can not sync go365 w Samsung health. It doesn't go passed the 2 step of syncing. I've had trouble w it disconnecting before but had little to no issue reconnecting them . Now they won't sync at all. It is super annoying bc none of my steps, sleep journal, daily work outs, etc are being accounted for. What's the point?
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I have a new device and phone number, I also have a new email, how can I change these things and access my account...
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I once tried to reach out to someone to find out where it was.  Never had any luck.  It has been so long, I don't even remember what I did!  It would be interesting to know who received my rewards. 
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My Heart iPhone app is being shown as connected but I show 0% weight loss even though the app shows a 2% weight loss. Not sure why it is not showing up 
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Go365 application keeps saying that I am logging from new device. Then every time I have to read my email to get the code. It started with one of the recent updates. Is there any way to avoid this annoying behaviour?
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I reached platinum on 1/11 and my steps stopped syncing. I did notice I got credit for today's steps but not for 10 days prior. I've restarted app, Uninstalled and reinstalled app. I even spoke to Zoila, our workplaces go365 Rep in person today and she provided some IT help but it didn't fix it. I also didn't get points for checking into a beacon… (Show more)
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I have a case number 1000119649633.  Still having to add new device everytime I open Go365 app.  
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