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Is there a way to see if any of your bucks are going to expire?  Trying to figure out if I have to spend all my bucks before the end of the year.
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Hi, both my husband and I have been getting a message that the go365 app is down for a week or more. Is this just us? Or is there a way to find out when the site will be back up?   The last communication I got from go365 was that out status updated when our policy renewed (and changed).
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i have bucks that are going to expire but i cannot log in to the app
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How many points for steps & which number of steps is used?   ***2nd parts of previous question not answered*** ¿Do highest number of steps (between Garmin & Samsung Health) get recorded points on Go365?   ¿How do I know which one recorded points?   ¿How many points are awarded for how many steps? ¿Is there a link to page explaining this?
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We joined in February 2018. Do I have to use my bucks before 12/31/18 or lose them?
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Can you get 2 flu shots in 1 calendar year?  I am trying to find out why my flu shot points was rejected...
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How do I sign up for Go90 kickstart?  I received information in the mail but cannot figure out how to register.
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My activity points were last updated 12-03 and My Biometric point and Ayco points are not showing either.  How long do those take?
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I received the invite to join the Go90 Kickstart program.  I signed up, but the only benefit I have found are 4 links to some pdf's.  The Go90 page encourages me to sign up for the Kickstart step challenge, but there is no challenge by that name.  I see nowhere that I show accountability for being part of the program.  Is the whole purpose just to… (Show more)
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