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I had over 5k, now under 2k
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I’ve had two running activities that received zero points. Trying to figure out what’s going on. 
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I recently got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy a10e) and cannot login to the go365 app on the new phone. I can access the website, so there are no account issues. When I try to login, the app just spins and never advances. If I leave the app and come back, sometimes I can get in, but then my check ins fail. I have tried reinstalling and restarting the… (Show more)
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My daily workouts points haven’t updated since 8/09
in Support
I workout x3-5 a week while wearing my Apple Watch, but according to my Go365 I haven’t done a workout all year? How do I get these workouts to where they count?
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Evidence for annual pelvic, etc exam submitted on August 14th.  Resubmitted August 17th as points haven't appeared yet.  When do you expect points to show up?  Thanks for your help.
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I have been signing up for this activity and never received any points for it. What am I doing wrong? 
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any one know when the site will be back up
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i was given the nicotine test during my biometrics screening, but when i entered my results there was no place to show that the test was negative.  i'd like to get my points for having a negative test, so how do i log the results and update my account?
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