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I’m attempting to use my points for amazon gift cards and when I put in my email to have it sent there it says there was an error try back later.
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How do I redeem all my points?  Secondly, I chatted with a Humana staff member regarding how my gym seemed to “disconnect” with my Go365 account. Last few years it was automatically synced, I did not have to reconnect. Not sure why that was, and I was disappointed to learn recently that it d not connect this whole past year. 
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I always add both I.D.s because I don't know which one you are referring to when filling out the Workout Tracker.
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So I did the biometric screening. I think I filled out the proper assessments. But I have no points to show for it. There is a statement for 0 points that says fast track? I'm not sure why I received 0 points. Can you please help me?
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Everytime I sign in it never recognizes my device so I have to get a code and this is since the update
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Why do I need to register my phone every log in
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Everytime I go to the go 365 app it says my device is not secure and emails me a passcode to enter. Then it says after login to to reset my password but there is no way to do that.
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I am in multiple challenges and not all of my steps are being synced across those boards? 
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I am not seeing all of my sleep points.  The activity is set, I am logging 5 days over 7 hours, and using samsung health.  I do log in on a regular basis to make sure all the apps are syncing.
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