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At Humana, your health and well-being are at the upmost importance to us. With that, we also recognize the potential impact this pandemic may have had on being eligible for different wellness opportunities through Go365. Our team is in full force to help ensure you are still able to earn your rewards!


Check out this FAQ on some of the changes/exceptions that we are allowing for the time being. 


Good morning!


We are currently experiencing an outage with our Community site. This may impact the appearance in layout and the inability to login. Our IT teams are diligently working on a resolution.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 



Are you looking to expand your knowledge and help out fellow members with the Go365 Program? Becoming a Go365 Community Advocate might be for you! 



What is a Go365 Community Advocate?


As a Go365 Community Advocate, you would help in building a positive member to member experience, as well as assist with directing others to helpful information and participate in activities to earn rewards!


What is needed to become a Go365 Advocate?


  • Complete tasks and training within the Go365 Community to earn badges and level up
  • Assist in directing others to helpful information
  • Participation in group discussions
  • Provide feedback, from yourself and others, on practices, product information ect.
  • Experience with the Go365 Program
  • Ability to provide motivation and positive engagement with others through likes and comments


What can you expect as a Go365 Community Advocate?


  • Access to helpful links and information
  • Additional training opportunities
  • Firsthand knowledge of known issues and updates
  • Direct access to our Go365 Admins and Moderators
  • Rewards and prizes 


How to apply?

Leave a comment below indicating your interest and you will be contacted by one of our Go365 Administrators.

Thank you for your interest, we are looking forward to working with you!




What is happening? The Go365 Mobile app is currently down as well as other Humana Mobile applications.


Who is experiencing this error? All members who use the Go365 Mobile app


What do I need to do? There is nothing that you need to do at this point. Please do not uninstall and reinstall at this time. 


ETA? Our IT department is working on this as a top priority and they are expecting a resolution as soon as possible.


Updates will be added to this post as they come in. 


Thank you for your patience!


UPDATE 1/10/20 : This has been resolved. You will be able to log into your Go365 Mobile app as usual. 


It's a New Year!

Posted by go365admin3 Jan 3, 2020


With ringing in the New Year, some updates were made to the terms and conditions for and 


If you are having a problem signing into your Go365 account and you have Medical Insurance through Humana, please sign into your MyHumana account to accept the new terms and conditions. You will not be able to log into your Go365 account until they are accepted. 


Some other helpful information about your new plan year! 


What Happens When My Plan Year Renews 

How to Earn Points Guide 

Go365 Bucks 


Go365 Bucks

Posted by communitymanager Dec 13, 2019

Want to check your bucks balance or expiration? Here is how:


Via the Go365 Mobile app:


Sign into your mobile app, your bucks balance will show up on the dashboard screen.


You can also click on Shop. You will be brought to the mall where you can see your balance, as well as shop for different rewards!


***Bucks expiration data is not available within the Mobile App experience.




Sign into your account

Once signed in, your bucks balance will display on the home page:


From here, you can click on the link  - Shop the Go365 Mall:


This will reflect not only your bucks balance, but also if you have any expiring soon.


Common Bucks Questions:


What are Bonus Bucks?  Bonus Bucks are additional Bucks earned for reaching new Status levels during the program year. Bonus Bucks are not tied to Points and increase the member's buying power in the Go365 Mall. Bonus bucks are awarded for the following: Reaching a new Status level or Reaching the prior year's highest Status level


What is the maximum number of bucks or rewards I can earn each program year? The maximum number of bucks or rewards an adult member can earn each program year is 30,000. 


How long do I have until my bucks expire? This will vary by plan, please check your Go365 Mall (via the instructions above) to determine your bucks expiration. 


What is the difference between points and bucks? Points determine your Go365 status, while bucks are your rewards earned for completing different activities. These bucks are what you can use to purchase rewards within the Go365 Mall. 


Check out the ways to earn:

How to Earn Points Guide 





Our home page is changing! 


Don't be alarmed when you see the new home page after 12/13/2019, our site is still available, we just wanted to enhance the overall design. 


The site may be inaccessible during the later evening of 12/13/19 while this change is being made. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


Here is a preview of what it will look like:



Have questions or encountering issues when attempting to sign in? No worries - we are here to help!


Here are a few helpful links that will offer additional guidance. 


How to register to Go365 


Forgot your Username or Password?  


2-Step Verification Process - FAQ's and More  

The holidays can be stressful as you begin to think about gift-giving, decorating and travel, all of which can add up financially. Your Go365 Bucks can be a great resource for offsetting costs. We encourage you to check your Bucks balance and check out the Go365 Mall to help breathe a little easier.


Remember, you can see the newest rewards available when you sort by “Newest” online. We continue to add the latest, from new merchandise to the latest compatible devices. Recent additions include Garmin's Forerunner 45 and Forerunner 245 plus Fitbit's Ace 2 and Versa 2. You can even donate your Bucks to a new charity, Fearless 261, a global non-profit that uses running and education to empower women.


Don't forget earlier this year we added the Fitbit Inspire (available for 2,500 Bucks through the end of 2019!) and Fitbit accessories were added to the Fitbit Mall Tile in the Discounts category. Even better, Fitbit is offering a reduced price on the majority of their Fitbit items in the Mall through the end of 2019 (1,000 Bucks off the already discounted items)!


Happy spending and well wishes this holiday season!



Humana or Go365 does not endorse any product or equipment available in the Go365 Mall.

What is happening? The Android version for the Go365 Mobile app has been crashing or closing for some users. The Challenges, and beacons check ins may also be affected as well. 


What do I need to do? Nothing at this time. Our IT department is working on a resolution and they will implement it as soon as possible. 


Thank you all so much for your patience! Updates will be posted to this thread as we have them. 



11/14/19 - Our IT department has discovered the root cause and have currently set a fix to update overnight. 

What happened? Over night, Go365 made some changes to the Activities page on


You will now be able to view your recommended activities under their corresponding tab! This will make your activities easier to find by category! 


When you select "View Details" under the activity, it will take you to your Recommended Activities tab to get started on your wellness! 




Also added, were direct links to courses and conversations!


This will make finding and continuing your courses easier and more efficient when you are looking to start the next part of your course!


Be sure that you have the corresponding Recommended Activity set in order to earn Points for your courses and conversations. If the activity was not set or the course or conversation was not recommended, Points will not be awarded. 


What is happening? There is a Go365 mobile app update available for iPhone users. If the update is not completed, a "Login Failed" error may be received when attempting to sign in.


Who is affected? Apple iPhone users only.


What does that mean? If you have an iPhone, and use the Go365 mobile app, you must complete the most recent Go365 mobile app update.


What do I need to do? iPhone users must access the App Store > Search Go365 > Update > Open. Completing this process should allow you to sign in as usual. If you cannot locate the update within the App Store, please delete the Go365 mobile app and then reinstall.


*Be sure to double check that any connected apps/devices are still connected post update, especially Apple Health.


How to connect Apple Health




What is happening? Strava has made some changes on their end that has disconnected Go365 member Strava accounts from Go365.


Who is affected? Strava users only.


What does that mean? This was a positive change made by Strava in regards to security permissions, but unfortunately it disconnected accounts to force the refresh/acceptance of the new permissions.


What do I need to do? In order for Go365 to continue to receive workout data from Strava users, members must reconnect their Strava account to ensure Go365 can continue to have access to their activities. Not reconnecting will halt any data transfer to Go365 from Strava.



How to connect Strava



What is happening? There is a current delay for steps and workout data starting from 10/3/19 to present. 


Who is affected? All devices and apps are being affected at this time.


What does that mean? You may notice a delay in your Daily Workouts awarding from recent dates.


What do I need to do? Nothing at this time, our IT department is aware and is currently working on a resolution. All Daily Workout data will be backdated to your account.


Updates will be added as they are received.


UPDATE 10/10/19: The underlying issue has been resolved. Please allow up to 48 hours for the steps to backdate and the Points to award. 


What is happening? You may be seeing a "Login Failed" or "Maintenance" error when logging into your Go365 account.


Who is affected? The Go365 Mobile app and as well as MyHumana and 


What do I need to do? Nothing at this time, our IT department is aware and is working on a resolution. Please be assured that this is a top priority and it will be resolved as soon as possible.


Updates will be added as we have them to keep you informed! 


UPDATE 10/1/19: The cause was discovered and has been resolved. The fix continues to process, however, most members will experience no issues moving forward.


If you are still experiencing an error after tomorrow, please contact Go365 through the secured chat or ask a question in the Go365 Community!