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You may have noticed a new look to your Recommended Activities with Go365! Check out the updates below!



Supporting Activities - Now you can view the activities that are aligned with the Recommended Activity right underneath the activity itself. Just select the "View Supporting Activities" drop down. It will list all of the activities associated with that specific activity to help you keep better track if they have been completed. 




Started Activities vs Not Started - There is a clear difference in which have been started and which have not. As well as a detailed list of the supported activities. 




New Symbols - There are also new symbols to indicate which supporting activities have been awarded or are available.


A clear or empty circle, means the activity has not been completed or awarded while the activity has been set or recommended. 


A green check mark means that the activity has been completed and awarded for you.


An orange caution symbol means that this activity is not eligible for Points until the Recommended Activity has been started. 



Please note: Courses and Conversations will show recommended, however, Points will not be awarded for completion until the Recommended Activity has been started. Courses must also be completed within the time frame of the Recommended Activity. 


Activities are recommended based off of an individual's overall Go365 Profile. There are many different  variations of the recommended activities and may not be recommended or available to all members. 



Its that time of year! Get ready to join your company's team and participate in the 2020 National Step Challenge! 



Enrollment begins: September 9, 2020 - October 6, 2020

Challenge begins: October 14, - November 11,2020



Be sure to enroll and have a compatible app or device connected to your Go365 account before the enrollment period ends!



Click the links below for more information on the 2020 National Step Challenge!

2020 National Step Challenge Official Rules 

2020 National Step Challenge FAQ 

2020 National Step Challenge 

2020 National Step Challenge - Steps to Join! 

2020 Go365 National Step Challenge 


Other helpful documents about Devices and Challenges! 

Device and Workout Guide 

Connect your devices! 

How Your Workout Data is Sent and Verified with Go365 

All about Challenges with Go365 

In our continued effort to enhance the Go365 program to meet your needs, some activities have been temporarily changed through the end of the year.



Challenge Participation

Effective now through 12.31.20, you will now receive 100 Points for participating in a challenge for a max of 200 Points per month.

Please note: This is a temporary update and will revert to the standard 50 Points per challenge for a max of 100 Points per month on 1.1.21


Living Easy: Stress & Resiliency Course

Effective now through 12.31.20, you will now receive Points for completing this course regardless of having it tied to a recommended activity. Courses will earn 400 Points within 72 hours of completion.

Please note: This is a temporary update and will revert back to the standard on 1.1.21. The SelfHelp Works Courses only award when they are tied to a set recommended activity, if completed within the time frame. This update only applies to the Stress & Resilience Course and does not include any of the other SelfHelp Works courses. 




Stay healthy and keep up the great work! 

We’re excited to announce more Go365-eligible workout options to help you get rewarded for working on your well-being!


1. New daily workout type: Virtual/At-home workout

As of 6/3/2020, in addition to step, heart rate, calorie or gym workouts, you can now get rewarded for at-home workouts. You will simply upload proof (i.e. selfie, screenshot of workout, picture of workout video) online or in the Go365 App within seven days of the workout to get rewarded. A virtual workout awards 10 Points per day. Just as any other workout type it displays as a Daily Workout on your Go365 Statement and contributes to physical activity related Recommended Activities and workout bonuses such as lifetime and weekly bonuses. It is also subject to the daily workout Points calculation (example: member gets 11,000 steps on the same day as as submitting a virtual workout; member will get 11 Points for Daily Workouts).


See attached for sample images of the experience and acceptable file formats for proof.


To submit: 

Within the mobile app - click on Activities and tap the + button in the upper right "New Home Workout"


On, click on Activities - Select Daily Workout and click on view details - Scroll down to where is says "NEW Submit Photo Proof". Enter the activity date, and upload your image. Once complete, click on Submit.

2. Virtual fitness facility options: Echelon and Fitness On Demand (FOD)

As of 5/21/2020, you can now connect their Echelon or FOD account to Go365 to get credit as a participating fitness facility workout. You must go through via the Fitness Network Page to connect.


Instructions included in the attachments below:

•Echelon - How to connect flyer
•Fitness On Demand - How to connect flyer

Additionally, Go365 members will get:
•25-30% discount off Echelon equipment when making purchases through the Discounts category of the Go365 Mall. This is still being developed (more to come!!)
•Free access to FOD’s workouts now through September 30, 2020.



These changes are here to stay for YOU!

Dear Go365 members,


This challenging time continues to call us to a different way of interacting with our world, our communities and our own well-being. Everyone at Go365®, myself included, is thinking of you. Each of our members is weathering the COVID-19 crisis in their own way, with unique challenges and struggles. We hear you and see your efforts every day – from those on the frontlines of the crisis to those who contribute by staying home and posting rainbows in your windows. We hear our members sharing encouraging messages for those who must be out in the world, doing the jobs that help the rest of us stay safe.


Go365 supports you through all aspects of your well-being: your health, your relationships and communities in which you belong, the feeling of being financially secure and activities that help you connect to bring purpose and joy in life.

Thank you ALL for making a difference in your own way.  


Thank you for continuing to look after yourself, your family members and communities, and for keeping health and well-being top of mind as we work through this unprecedented challenge together.



In wellness,

Jeff Reid
SVP Go365 and Humana Wellness

At Humana, your health and well-being are at the upmost importance to us. With that, we also recognize the potential impact this pandemic may have had on being eligible for different wellness opportunities through Go365. Our team is in full force to help ensure you are still able to earn your rewards!


Check out this FAQ on some of the changes/exceptions that we are allowing for the time being. 



Are you looking to expand your knowledge and help out fellow members with the Go365 Program? Becoming a Go365 Community Advocate might be for you! 



What is a Go365 Community Advocate?


As a Go365 Community Advocate, you would help in building a positive member to member experience, as well as assist with directing others to helpful information and participate in activities to earn rewards!


What is needed to become a Go365 Advocate?


  • Complete tasks and training within the Go365 Community to earn badges and level up
  • Assist in directing others to helpful information
  • Participation in group discussions
  • Provide feedback, from yourself and others, on practices, product information ect.
  • Experience with the Go365 Program
  • Ability to provide motivation and positive engagement with others through likes and comments


What can you expect as a Go365 Community Advocate?


  • Access to helpful links and information
  • Additional training opportunities
  • Firsthand knowledge of known issues and updates
  • Direct access to our Go365 Admins and Moderators
  • Rewards and prizes 


How to apply?

Leave a comment below indicating your interest and you will be contacted by one of our Go365 Administrators.

Thank you for your interest, we are looking forward to working with you!




Go365 Bucks

Posted by communitymanager Dec 13, 2019

Want to check your bucks balance or expiration? Here is how:


Via the Go365 Mobile app:


Sign into your mobile app, your bucks balance will show up on the dashboard screen.


You can also click on Shop. You will be brought to the mall where you can see your balance, as well as shop for different rewards!


***Bucks expiration data is not available within the Mobile App experience.




Sign into your account

Once signed in, your bucks balance will display on the home page:


From here, you can click on the link  - Shop the Go365 Mall:


This will reflect not only your bucks balance, but also if you have any expiring soon.


Common Bucks Questions:


What are Bonus Bucks?  Bonus Bucks are additional Bucks earned for reaching new Status levels during the program year. Bonus Bucks are not tied to Points and increase the member's buying power in the Go365 Mall. Bonus bucks are awarded for the following: Reaching a new Status level or Reaching the prior year's highest Status level.


  • 500 Bonus Bucks for Silver
  • 1,500 Bonus Bucks for Gold
  • 5,000 Bonus Bucks for Platinum


When you re-earn your previous year’s highest Status, you’ll receive an extra Bonus Bucks award! For example, if you achieved Gold Status for 2019 and again for 2020, you’ll receive 500 Bonus Bucks for reaching Silver, 1,500 Bonus Bucks for achieving Gold plus another 1,500 for re-earning Gold Status! Only the highest earned Status level from the previous plan year will qualify for the additional Bonus Bucks. 


Please note: Adult dependents and spouses/domestic partners can also earn Bonus Bucks. Their award amount is 1/2 of the award that the subscriber receives (250 for Silver, 750 for Gold and 2,500 for Platinum). Minor children are not eligible for Bonus Bucks.


What is the maximum number of bucks or rewards I can earn each program year? The maximum number of bucks or rewards an adult member can earn each program year is 30,000. 


How to determine if you have reached the maximum number of Bucks - The maximum Bucks are determined off of the following:


  • Total number of Bucks earned from Points (per adult)
  • Bonus Bucks (per adult)
  • Bucks received from the 10% roll over (subscriber only)


If there are multiple adults on the policy, the total number of Points on your Dashboard will reflect the families combined earned total. To determine the Points that you have earned alone, log into your Go365 account at and select "View Go365 Statement." Filter the statement to "Program Year" and the total Points will reflect only Points earned by you.


To view your Bonus Bucks earned, filter the Go365 Statement to "Bucks only Earnings"


Please note: Only your earned Points and Bucks will be visible, due to personal information you will not be able to see any amount earned by another adult on your policy. 


Do Bucks earned by minor children in the Go365 Kids category contribute to my Bucks maximum? Bucks earned from Go365 Kids activities will add to the family total, however, they do not contribute towards the primary subscriber's maximum Bucks. Go365 Kids have their own category maximums for activities, check out the post below for more information. 


Go365 Kids - How to earn Points and Activities  


How long do I have until my bucks expire? This will vary by plan, please check your Go365 Mall (via the instructions above) to determine your bucks expiration. 


What is the difference between points and bucks? Points determine your Go365 status, while bucks are your rewards earned for completing different activities. These bucks are what you can use to purchase rewards within the Go365 Mall. 


Check out the ways to earn:

How to Earn Points Guide 






Have questions or encountering issues when attempting to sign in? No worries - we are here to help!


Here are a few helpful links that will offer additional guidance. 


How to register to Go365 


Forgot your Username or Password?  


2-Step Verification Process - FAQ's and More  

Some troubleshooting steps may require you to check if your internet browser is set to auto clear your cookies and internet history. Here are some steps for the different browsers and how to disable that option. 




For Chrome
1. Open Google Chrome .
2. Click Settings. (In the address bar you can type; chrome://settings
3. Click on "Content Settings
4. Click on “Cookies”
5. Under the "Cookies" section, unselect "Keep local data until I quit my browser"



For IE
1. Open IE .
2. Click Tools (also shown as a gear)

3. Internet Options
4. Under “General tab”, go to “Browsing history” section and unselect “Delete browsing history on exit”



For Safari
1. Open Safari
2. Click Preferences (they can click Command+comma)
3. Under “General tab”, go to “Remove history items” section and change it to never.



For Firefox
1. Open Firefox
2. Click the menu button and choose Options.
3. Select the Privacy & Security panel and go to the History section.
4. In the drop-down menu next to Firefox will, choose Use custom settings for history.

5. Uncheck the box for Clear history when Firefox closes.



Go365 Mobile app:



To clear the cache and cookies, please uninstall the Go365 Mobile app and reinstall.



1. Open the Settings of your phone.
2. Tap the Storage heading to open its settings page.
3. Tap the Other Apps heading to see a list of your installed apps. 
4. Find the application you want to clear the cache of and tap its listing. 
5. Tap the Clear cache button.

Did you know the average plate size is 20 percent larger than it was 50 years ago? And, not surprisingly, when people have larger plates, they eat more calories.  Portion sizes have grown over the years, which can make us eat more without even realizing it. No wonder so many Americans find it hard to manage their weight!

An important key to weight management is to understand portion sizes and watch how much you eat. The good news is that measuring portions doesn’t have to include intricate weighing. You can use your hand or other everyday objects to estimate portion sizes.  Here are some options:


Food (1 portion)

Approximate Size

3 oz  Meat/Poultry

Palm of  your hand or a deck of cards

1.5 oz  cheese

3 stacked  dice or your index finger (string cheese)

½ cup  cooked rice, pasta

A handful or  a tennis ball

1 cup  milk/yogurt

One fist or  a baseball

1 cup  vegetables

Baseball  or one fist

1 Tbsp fats  and oils

Poker Chip  

On the go?  Check out this printable wallet-sized portion control guide:


And here are some portion control tips for you:

·         Use a small dinner plate or salad plate

·         Fill half your plate with non-starchy veggies such as carrots, green beans, broccoli, or asparagus

·         Avoid eating out of the package. Instead, opt for a portion size amount in a bowl or plate

·         Split meals at restaurants, or take half home for another meal


Try it out!  Measure your portions for two or three days and see what you notice. How do your portions compare? Where might you reduce portion sizes? Discuss your findings with your coach! 




As a Go365 member who earns points by checking in at your participating fitness facility, some of the facilities are moving to Beacon Technology. This will change how Go365 verifies your workouts.


Below is a list of facilities making the change, and the date that you will need to begin using your Go365 App to connect with the Beacon, for your fitness center check-in.


Facility NameFacility will be Beacon only on:


How to use the Beacon:

Follow the directions in the link below to set up your Beacon check in.


The specified item was not found. 


That’s it! Once your location has enabled the Beacon technology, and you have completed the steps above you will be prompted to check-in through your smartphone and continue to earn your Points – within 24 hours! You can also check-in manually by pulling up the Beacon setting in the App and tapping your location once the App recognizes there is a Beacon nearby.


To protect your information and to keep your account secure, Humana has implemented a 2-step verification process. If you are finding some trouble with the new process, check out the FAQ's here:


Sign in help | Go365 


2-Step Verification Experience 


You can also view further troubleshooting information here:  2-Step Verification Process & Troubleshooting Tips 


What is happening? Points are awarding correctly for the CPR and First Aid Activities, however, we are noticing that it may not be showing accurately on the member's Go365 Statement.


Who is affected? This is not a wide spread issue, not all members are affected.


What do I need to do? Nothing at this time, our IT department is aware of the situation and are currently working on a fix.


ETA? There is currently no ETA at this time. All updates will be added to this post as they are made available.


Please note: Points are awarded correctly on your account, they just may not be showing accurately on your Go365 Statement.

Are you looking for a different way to learn everything there is to know about Go365?  In addition to the blogs, documents, and videos already available on the Go365 Community, you can now join us for our member webinars!  Each 30-minute presentation digs into our most popular Go365 topics followed by an open forum to ask all your questions.  The topics include:

  • Syncing Devices
  • The Go365 Mobile App
  • Getting Started with Go365


View a calendar of upcoming webinars and sign-up via links on our brand new Videos and Webinars space.   In addition to information on our webinars, this new space allows you to view all of our Go365 informational videos and past webinar presentations.

We have several webinars coming up in the new four months.   Here’s our upcoming slate:



More information about each webinar is available within the events listed above.  Those interested in attending do need to register in advance.  Registration can be done via a link available within each event listing.