How Your Workout Data is Sent to Go365

Blog Post created by go365admin on Jan 6, 2017

How Your Workout Data is Sent to Go365

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With Go365, you now can receive Points for smaller/shorter workouts.  This means that you can earn points before you reach 10,000 steps.  With this new workout configuration, many of you might not be immediately seeing the number of points you were expecting for the day.


Is the system broken?

It is not.  In fact, it is working how it always has, but you just may not have noticed before because you were only awarded points for getting 10,000 steps.


So why does it work this way?

Great question.  The data connection from our partners is not instantaneous.  This means that your workouts aren’t going to transfer to Go365 right away.  Take a look below for an example of Fitbit workouts:

  1. You walk 12,000 steps
  2. The steps are upload to Fitbit.com
  3. Go365 checks your Fitbit Account for data
  4. Go365 posts the data on your calendar
  5. Based on the steps, Go365 awards points based on what it sees
  6. Several Hours Later: Go365 checks Fitbit again to see if there are changes


Based on the process, it is possible for you to see partial workouts on your calendar because Go365 hasn’t yet received the most recent data.


Other things to think about:

  • Go365 can’t award Points until it can see the data
  • Just because you see the workout on your device or the device’s app, it does not mean the steps/data is available for Go365 to use
  • If Go365 checks your partnered account before you upload, the delay to your calendar could be a little longer than you expect
  • Try to give up to 48 hours before you get concerned about workout uploads


We hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions