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Fitbit Users Advised to Reconnect to Go365

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What is Happening? We have noticed that some users’ Fitbit accounts have been erroneously disconnected from Go365.  In some cases, the disconnection may have only affected a short period of time.  This is causing steps and sleep to not be properly accounted for.


When did this start? We’ve seen incidents going back to January 25 and have continued since then.


Why is this happening? It appears that there have been some adjustments in the Fitbit data system that requires an external partner like Go365 to have full permission from the user to send/receive data.  If individuals haven’t agreed to share certain data, Fitbit suspends the connection.


What can I do to help with this?  You’ll want to disconnect your account from Go365 and then reconnect it.  You can do this via the Go365 app or the Go365 website. Upon reconnecting, be sure to check the boxes next to each data type and allow Go365 permission to access the data. Do this for data types your Fitbit doesn’t even record.   When you complete the re-connection, your workouts/steps should update on your calendar shortly thereafter.