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This weekend, the Go365 website added an additional security feature to the login portal.  You will now see a Captcha box right above the “Sign In” button.   You will need to click the box that says “I’m not a robot.”

captcha hightlighted.png

Depending on your browser type, you might be prompted to click on some specific parts of a picture grid.  Please follow the instructions that appear on screen.


Login Captcha 2.png

This feature was added to the login portal to better protect our members’ accounts.   We wanted to give you a heads up so that the change wasn’t too surprising to you.  Please be sure to follow the new Captcha process as failure to do so could get you locked out of your Go365 account.




Some users are experiencing issues in which the "Sign In" button is not displaying on their screen or they are not able to scroll down to it.  This is because their screen/browser has no resolution.  In order to get by that, please click the "Sign In" link in the top right corner.  Please see the below picture for a better look.

Captcha Scroll error1.png


Questions?  Add the in the comments below.

flex 2 mall.jpg

We're excited to announce Flex 2 as the newest addition to the Fitbit Family and Go365 Mall! One of the most iconic fitness wristbands re-imagined, Flex 2 offers additional motivating fitness features, a slimmer swim-proof design, and more ways to wear it from day to night.


Even better, Flex 2 can be used to track step-based workouts and sleep (for the Sleep Diary) right on your Go365 mobile app.


For a limited time, Flex 2 will be offered at a special price in the Go365 Mall. Visit the Go365 Mall to take advantage of this exclusive offer!


For complete details on the Fitbit Flex 2, you can take a look at the Fitbit site here.


Flex 2 details.jpg



Issue: Points related to Daily Workouts have not awarded for March 12 and 13.  Please note that steps and other workout data will be posted to the calendar.  The Daily Workout points are not appearing on the Earnings Statement.


Affected Devices and Dates: All compatible fitness devices could be affected.   March 12 and 13 are the affected dates.


Affected members: Anyone submitting device workouts from March 12 and March 13.


What you need to do? Nothing at this time.  Our team is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it.


Estimated Time of Resolution:  We are hoping to have the issue resolved and your points awarded with the next web update in April.


If you have any questions, please ask in the comments.

  • Lady Gaga


Do you like sporting events or concerts?  Do you like saving money?  Are you looking to reward yourself in the near future?  If any of those were a "Yes" then we have some information for you about our newest partner.


There’s a new “Cash Only” option in the Go365 Mall.  You can now save 10% on all event tickets from TicketNetwork just for being a Go365 member!  All you need to is go to the “Cash” tab in the Go365 Mall and look for the TicketNetwork Tile.


It’s as simple as clicking the link and searching for events near you.  There are tickets for baseball, basketball, concerts, musicals, and many other events.  For more information, check out the TicketNetwork page in the Go365 Mall!


Ticket Network.jpg

Mall order laptop.png

You just cashed in your Bucks and you are very excited.  You have $100 in Amazon gift codes coming your way.   They should arrive in your email box any minute now.  A minute ticks by.  Then several minutes pass.  Next an hour passes.  The next day rolls around and you have a question on your hands.


What in the world happened to the gift codes I purchases with my Go365 Bucks?


Chances are that nothing has really happened to the codes.  It is instead very likely that the email did not find its way into your inbox. This could be because the email was bumped to your junk folder or that your employer’s email server blocked the message because it didn’t appear to be business in nature.

So, what do you do about it? Good question.  Please see the steps outlined below.


What should I do if I never received my gift codes from Go365 (Amazon, Target, Macy’s, Lowe’s, iTunes, Movie Tickets)?

  • First, check your junk mail folder because the email containing the codes could be there
  • If the email isn’t there, you’ll need to log into the Go365 website
  • Go to the “Shop” tab to visit the Go365 Mall
  • Near the top of the page will be a link for your Order History
  • Click that link
  • In the Order History, you’ll see your most recent gift card purchase listed
  • Click on the order number to see all the details, including the e-code number and/or links to the printable bar code


If the above does not help, please contact customer care as they can do further research.

Running apps, RunKeeper


The Go365 program (and HumanaVitality before it) requires that workouts be verified.  Step trackers verify workouts by sensing and recording movement.  Heart rate monitors have a sensor that can count heartbeats.  Calorie counting watches/wearables use GPS to determine movement and calculate calories burned based on your weight.  In the case of Runkeeper, qualified workouts are to be recorded by using the phone’s GPS.


Runkeeper workouts that aren’t verified via the phone’s GPS are not qualified for Points in the Go365 program.  That means you would need to record a workout outside in order to have the GPS record and verify the workout.  Manually logged and tracked workouts are not eligible for Points.


We understand that many individuals were inadvertently receiving Points for manually tracked Runkeeper workouts. This glitch in our workout system was corrected in early February. As of then, individuals who are manually logging workouts in Runkeeper will not receive points.


The rules of workouts have not changed.  Our intent has always been to accept verified data for workouts.  We apologize for any confusion caused by the glitch that was awarding points.   If your workouts are being affected by this system fix, please consider trying another compatible fitness device.

Image result for fitbug

Earlier this week, we received word that Fitbug is closing their public-facing services. This means that the Fitbug App and Device are no longer for sale, and will no longer sync steps or sleep with Go365.


On March 20, your steps and sleep from Fitbug will stop syncing with Go365.   You will then be required to change the way you track your steps by using another compatible device.  At this time, you would no longer be able to connect a new Fitbug device to Go365.


Device and Workout Guide


In the meantime, before you obtain a new device, we would suggest an app device like Apple Health or Samsung Health as step tracking options.


We are working on some more permanent solutions for our Fitbug users and will share more when we know more.


Please feel free to leave questions and comments below.


Update:  Fitbug users linked to Go365 would have been emailed last week with details informing them that their Fitbug would be refunded as Bucks in their Go365 accounts.  Please check the email affiliated with your Fitbug accounts for more information.