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What is happening? Go365 app users on the iPhone are experiencing the app crashing upon login.


Why is this happening? The latest Apple iOs update made some changes that the Go365 app is not yet fully compatible with.  This is causing the Go365 app to crash because it isn’t able to read all of the HealthKit data.


Who is it affecting? Any users of iPhones running the latest iOs (10 and above) versions AND are sharing sleep data from HealthKit.


What should I do if this is affecting me? The Go365 app will be updated next week to account for the iOs changes.  You can wait for the update or you can change some settings in HealthKit.  You’ll need to disable sleep from being transferred to Go365.  Here’s how to do that:


  • Open the Apple HealthKit app
  • Go to Sources
  • Select Go365
  • Flip the switch next to Sleep Analysis

Sources.pngSources 1.png

Here are a handful of steps to follow to reset your password for your Go365 web account.  In order to do so, you will need to know your Go365 username.









  • From the Go365 homepage, select Sign in.










  • Select the Forgot Password Link.







To change your Password, please complete one of the following.



Select "Send me a link" to have a link sent to your email address. Follow the link in your email to reset your password.



Fill out your information and include the following

  • Member ID or Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • Current zip code on file




When your information has been verified, you will see the following screen. 

Please be sure to follow the requirements below and that both password boxes match. 


• Password is case sensitive
• Must be a minimum of 8 to 15 characters
• Must have at least 1 number and 1 letter
• No spaces or special characters other than # * $ or @
• Cannot reuse current password or previous three passwords, including changes in case (Ex: Password1 to password1)
Username and password cannot be the same




Forgot your username? Follow the steps below to retrieve your username!






  • Select the Forgot username link


















  • Fill our your personal information to verify your account



















  • If all of the information is correct, select I verify













  • You will be presented with your username. You can then proceed to reset your password or return to Go365 to sign in








If you have any questions or need assistance, please follow Contact Us for more information.