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What is happening:  An error message displays when HumanaGear pedometers are plugged in for an upload.


What is the error message? It should look something like this: 'Looks like we don't have right fit'


What devices are affected? The HumanaGear g1.0 and g2.0 devices


What else might happen:  You won’t see the last 30 days of steps when the device is plugged in.


What now?  No worries, the steps are still being uploaded behind the scenes and should update every day overnight on your workout calendar.  Because of this, it could take an extra day or two for Points to be awarded.


The issue should be resolved shortly


What if I really REALLY need my steps updated? You could do a manual workaround.   Go to the daily workout calendar on your Go365 dashboard.  Then click the button to sync your device (it only works for G1/2).  Then refresh your browser or log out of go365/log back in.

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What is happening? Steps from the weekend are not all updating on step challenge leader boards.


What are the affected dates?   Any workouts uploaded from this weekend through today (April 15-17).   Please not that steps prior to Saturday could also be delayed if they weren’t uploaded until this weekend.


Who is affected?  Members engaging in step challenges (sponsored or community created)


What should you do? Nothing at this time.  Our team is aware and working to resolve. Everything should update in the next 24-48 hours.

What is happening? Go365 app users on the iPhone are experiencing the app crashing upon login.


Why is this happening? The latest Apple iOs update made some changes that the Go365 app is not yet fully compatible with.  This is causing the Go365 app to crash because it isn’t able to read all of the HealthKit data.


Who is it affecting? Any users of iPhones running the latest iOs (10 and above) versions AND are sharing sleep data from HealthKit.


What should I do if this is affecting me? The Go365 app will be updated next week to account for the iOs changes.  You can wait for the update or you can change some settings in HealthKit.  You’ll need to disable sleep from being transferred to Go365.  Here’s how to do that:


  • Open the Apple HealthKit app
  • Go to Sources
  • Select Go365
  • Flip the switch next to Sleep Analysis

Sources.pngSources 1.png

Here are a handful of steps to follow to reset your password for your Go365 web account.  In order to do so, you will need to know your Go365 username.


When on the Go365 homepage, look for the “Forgot username or password” links right below the login fields.  It will be above the “Sign in” button.  Click on “password”.

homepage.pngNext you will need to enter your username into the field requesting it.  Then you will click the “Continue” button.  If you do not know your username, click the “Forgot your username?” link.



You will be presented four options to help verify your identity.   The first one is the Security Question.  With this one you need to answer a question relating to you which you would have established when creating your Go365 account.  Type in your answer and hit continue.  If you are unable to answer correctly after 5 attempts, your account will be locked and you’ll need to call customer care.


Reset options.png


Some individuals may see this screen, depending on how their personal profile is set up:

Password Reset.png

You can also enter your Social Security number as a method to verify your identity.  You’ll need to enter the corresponding number and then hit “Continue”


The final option would be to use your mobile phone to verify your identity.  This option is only available if you agreed to use your phone for that purposes in your account profile.  You will see the last four digits of your mobile phone number displayed behind 6 Xs.  Click the “Send Text” button.   You’ll receive a passcode as a text message on your phone.  Enter that code and click the “Continue” button.


mobile reset.png

Once your identity is verified, follow the instructions on screen to create a new password.