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What is happening?  Samsung Health data (steps/sleep) is not transferring to Go365.  Therefore workouts and sleep activities are not being credited Points.


Who is it affecting?  A subsection of Samsung Health users.  Not all users are affected, but many are.


What should I do?  Nothing at this time.  Our app team is aware of the problem and is working to resolve it shortly.  If you are affected, hang tight.  We'll get this resolved for you.

We'll post updates to this post when we have it.


Update 6/26/17:


The issues with Samsung Health (S-Health) have been resolved by our Go365 App Team.  In order to assure your steps transfer from S-Health, you'll need to download the newest version of the Go365 App.


Here's what you'll need to do to get your steps transferring from S-Health:

  • Delete GO365 app
  • Download GO365 app again
  • Reconnect S-Health(enable the categories in Samsung Health while connecting)
  • Logout and Login to Go365 App again


Please allow about 24 hours after your login for the recent steps to load to your workout calendar and Points Statement.   Backlogged workouts should be updating in the next day or two as well.



What is happening? The Go365 Mall is undergoing routine maintenance on Friday, June 23 from 9:00 PM EST until 10:00 AM EST on the morning of Saturday, June 24.


How does this affect access? During this maintenance, the Go365 Mall may be unavailable to users on both the website and mobile app.


What do I need to do? If you plan to make a purchase this weekend, make sure to do it before Friday evening or after the maintenance is complete.

HealthierU Grand Prize Contest

10 Grand Prize winners will win $10,000 toward a 529 Savings Plan of their choice!


On Monday, June 19, Go365 will launch a brand new contest!  This contest will award ten grand prizes consisting of $10,000 to be used in a 529 Savings Plan.  A 529 Savings Plan is a specialized tax-advantage account geared towards saving money for college tuition.


Here’s how it the contest works:

  • Submit a 250 word or less essay answering the following topic: Describe how winning this challenge will make a healthy difference in your, or a student’s financial ability to attend the college of their choice
  • Essay entry period opens June 19th and closes July 30, 2017
  • Notification of potential Grand Prize Winners: on or about October 24, 2017
  • 10 Grand Prize Winners will receive one (1) $10,000 check intended to be used for a 529 savings plan for college and one (1) $5,000 check intended to assist with tax expenses
  • For contest rules visit


How to enter:

Sign into your Go365 account and click the “See contest details” link on the HealthierU tile


Daily Drawings:

Members can also be entered to win one of 14 daily drawings in the HelathierU Voting Sweepstakes by signing in to Go365 and voting for their favorite contest essay.


Winners of the daily drawings can select a prize, valued at $125.00-$149.99 from these options:

  • Fitbit Charge® 2
  • Garmin Vivosmart® 3
  • Garmin Index™ Smart Scale
  • CamelBak® Fourteener™ 20
  • iPod nano® 16 GB


Voting period:

September 11, 2017-September 24, 2017

There’s a new Activity Log option on the Go365 app!  You can now earn Points for keeping a weekly meditation log!  In order to earn these points you will need to use the Stop, Breathe, & Think meditation app.   The Stop, Breathe, & Think app is a 2017 Webby Award winner for the Best Health App.  It is designed to be a fun and personalized tool to promote physical and mental well-being.  You can check out the official press release regarding the partnership here and get more information about the app here.


Here’s what you need to do:


  • Download Stop, Breathe & Think app from the Google Play or App Store
  • Be sure to create an account on the Stop, Breathe, & Think app
  • Log into Go365 App, and tap activities on bottom menu.
  • Tap "Set a weekly log for meditation" in scrolling banner OR tap "+" sign in upper right corner.
  • Tap Weekly Log, and select type "Meditation Log."
  • Make sure to connect the Stop, Breathe & Think app by selecting it from the Not Connected devices list on the meditation log page. You can also connect the app by tapping "More" on the Go365 app bottom menu bar, then tap "Account & Settings," then tap "App & device connections," and select the app from the "Not Connected" list.
  • Once the app is connected and the activity is active, you can start earning points for meditating!  Complete 3 or more guided meditation sessions per week, and you can earn 10 Points per week! You can choose your own meditation path or let the app select it for you. 



Things to know:


  • Be sure to complete the full Meditation - select your feelings/mood, do one of the prescribed meditations all the way through, and share how you feel after (none of that data is sent to Go365, but the program checks to ensure the full experience was completed before sending to us that the user "meditated")
  • Please note that you can earn 10 Points each week for the weekly log activities (this limit includes the weight/food logs as well).

Many of our members renew their plan years on July 1 or January 1.  Technically, a plan year could renew on any date, so keep that in mind when reading this.  If you aren’t sure when your plan year renews, check with someone else at work. They’ll probably know.  If all else fails, check with your benefits administrator. 


A lot of questions come up when a new plan year begins.  What happens to my Points?  What happens to my Status?  What about my Bucks?  These are all great questions and we hope to address them below.   Here is what happens when your plan year renews.




When a new plan year begins, your Points technically reset back to 0.  Keep in mind that Points are what determine your status level and can’t be spend.  Reverting back to 0 happens every year with points and does not take away from your rewards potential.


10% Carryover Credit


To get you started off on the right foot, you will be awarded a 10% carryover credit based on the total Points earned in the previous plan year.  Example:


Previous Year Points Total: 20,000

New Plan Year 10% Carryover Credit: 2,000


The 10% carryover credit applies to ALL of the points earned on the plan as a whole.  This means that the Points earned by the subscriber, kids, spouses, and adult dependents are all lumped into one total.  The 10% is based on that entire total.  The carryover credit Points will be credited to the subscriber.  You will not see them as a line item on the statement.




Bucks are what you spend for Rewards in Go365.  You will earn 1 Buck for each Point earned.  The Bucks earned in Go365 are available to you for a full three plan years after they are earned.  Therefore, Bucks earned in Year 1 would not expire until the end of Year 4.  This means that most, if not all, of your Bucks will carry over into the new plan year.  Generally speaking, unless you’ve been hoarding since day one, you should see all your Bucks in your balance at the start of the new plan year.


Status Levels


When Go365 launched, there was a change in how Status Levels worked.  Here’s a post that discusses that fact.  Your status level will reset to Blue at the start of a new year. There is not a Rewards Status in Go365.


Bonus Bucks


When you move up to Silver, Gold, or Platinum Status, you will earn Bonus Bucks!  See the chart below for a full explanation of Bucks you can earn with each Status Level.  Maintaining the Status Level earned in the previous plan year will allow you to double the Bonus Bucks when you hit that level again!


Bonus Bucks Chart.png


Earn Points Again!

Some activities in Go365 are limited to earning Points once per plan year.  Other activities may also have slightly different yearly limits.  Well, because of the new plan year, you can do those activities again.  Here are a few examples of activities that you can complete again to earn points.


  • Health Assessment
  • Biometrics Screening
  • Courses*
  • Conversations*
  • Calculators


*Need to be tied to a Recommended Activity to earn Points


Biometrics Credit


You may notice an unexpected bump in your Points total at the turn of a new plan year.  In many cases, this is linked to a healthy living credit.  This credit of Points happens when you submitted in-range biometrics results in the previous plan year.  The screenings eligible for this upfront credit are blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose.


Since those three screenings don’t often significantly change from year to year, you can receive your points for them at the start of a new year simply by submitting in-range results in the previous plan year.  This means that you receive the Points for both the screening AND in-range results.  Here’s an example:


In-range screenings in previous plan year:

Blood Pressure Points – 400 Points

In-Range Blood Pressure – 400 Points

Cholesterol Screening – 400 Points

In-Range Cholesterol – 400 Points

Total Points for these in-range screenings -  1600 Points

In-Range credits awarded at start of new year 1600 Points


You’ll see entries on your statement for both the screening and in-range results.  They will be assigned a date that corresponds with the start of your new plan year.



Go365 Changes:  Status Levels on Your Dashboard

Where did all these extra Points come from?  I just started a new plan year.

How do Bonus Bucks work?

What happens to my Points when a new plan year starts?

What is happening? Scheduled maintenance is being performed for the Humana Pedometers. This will cause Go365 Members with a Humana Pedometer to be unable to upload, register, unregister or view new data during the scheduled time.


Who is it affecting? Go365 Members who are using Humana G1.0 Pedometers and Humana G2.0 Pedometers.


What dates are affected?  The maintenance will start 6/2/2017 at 10:00 PM EST and continue through 6/3/2017 at 10:00 AM EST.


What should I do?  Nothing is required to be done for resolution. Humana Pedometer uploads will resume as usual after the scheduled maintenance is complete.