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Many of you have plans that renew on January 1.  We usually get a lot of questions about what happens when plan years renew.   Below is a post that goes over all the details.  Feel free to add any additional questions in the comments.


What Happens When My Plan Year Renews

Go365 "Devices, Apps, and Fitness" Webinar

Date:  Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Starting Time:  11:00 am, Eastern Standard Time

How to registerClick here to register!



Looking for more information on how to earn Go365 Points for being active?  We have a great opportunity for you as our Go365 Education Series will be presenting a webinar geared towards fitness devices and apps.


We’ll cover all you need to know to select the device for you and get it connected to Go365.   There will also be an open Question & Answers session for those who may have burning questions about fitness devices in the Go365 program.


All you need to do is register at the links provided and log into the webinar site to listen live to our presentation.


Go365 Education series provides the knowledge and inspiration for wellness leaders and Go365 Champs. These focused sessions are designed to provide you with the information you need to know and how to use the knowledge to help you and others engage in Go365. Join our Go365 and wellness experts each month for sessions on specific topics you have asked for. Each 30 minute session will contain detailed information, tools and resources, and a live Q&A session to answer the questions you have.


The second Tuesday of each Month we will focus on important topics. Share with your wellness team, your Go365 Champs, or anyone who is promoting Go365 and wellness!


Register for the “Devices, Apps, and Fitness” Webinar

app loading error.png


What’s Happening?   Users are experiencing issues logging into the Go365 mobile app.  A “login failed” message may appear  or the load screen may continue to cycle without loading anything.


Who does it affect? App users on both the Android and Apple versions of the Go365 app.


When did this start?  The morning of Monday, November 6.


What do I need to do? Nothing at this time.  Our app team is working to resolve the matter.


When will it be resolved? Access to the app should be restored shortly.  Please try again later today or tomorrow.


In the meantime, you can access Go365 via the website,