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What is happening? A recent update for iOs is causing the beacon check-in function on the Go365 app to malfunction.


What does that mean? You may have experienced one of the following:

  • I cannot toggle on the beacon function
  • I cannot check in
  • I do not see the beacon in the “choose a beacon function”


Why is this happening? The iOs update now requires that each individual app be given separate permission to use location services.


How do I resolve this so my beacon check-ins work?  Follow this path on the iOs settings:

  1. Settings
  2. Privacy
  3. Find Go365
  4. Then select location services to be “Always On”


If you don’t change the Go365 app location settings to “Always On”, you will experience one of the errors described above.



What is Happening?  The Go365 website ( and app will be undergoing routine maintenance on Friday Night (Dec 15th) and going into Saturday afternoon.


When:  Friday at 10 PM ET through Saturday at 1 PM ET


What does that mean?  The site could be unavailable during this time.  Some sections of the site and app, such as the Go365 Mall, may experience errors or will be unavailable while the maintenance is occurring. 


When should I try to accessing Go365 again?  To be safe, wait until Saturday evening or Sunday to access Go365.  Once maintenance is complete, the program should work as normal.