The Go365 recently underwent some updates.  We've discovered a couple glitches with the gift code ordering that we wanted to address with you and offer some troubleshooting to avoid the issues.  Here is what is happening:


  • Members are not receiving the gift codes via email.  They are inadvertently being sent to a test email address.
  • Gift codes for Target, Lowe's, Macy's, and Best Buy are subsequently not appearing in order history.


Amazon gift codes, after a short delay, will still appear in order history.  Both issues described above will be corrected on January 19.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. If you already have made an order and aren't able to access your gift codes, please contact customer care via the message center on or by calling customer care via the number on your ID card.


To assure you get the gift codes sent to your email, please follow the below steps.


  1. After you make your selection, go to "View Cart."
  2. Click on "Proceed to Checkout".
  3. On the Checkout page, look to the left to the shipping information.  You'll see an incorrect email address (usually  You'll need to update this to assure those gift codes get to your email
  4. Click on "update shipping and contact information"
  5. Reconfirm your physical address.  Then make sure you put your correct and current email address in the email fields.
  6. Click on "Ship to this address".
  7. Go to Order Summary on the right.   Click to agree to the Terms and Conditions.  Then, "Place Order".
  8. You should receive the gift codes in your email shortly thereafter.
  9. If you still don't receive the gift codes via email, please reach out to customer care via the message center on or by calling the number on your ID card.