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What is happening? You may be experiencing an occasional "general validation exception error" when logging into the Go365 Mobile app.


Why is this happening? Technical issues are causing the occasional error with the IOS version of the Go365 Mobile app.


How do I resolve the error? Our IT department is advising to restart your phone instead of removing and reinstalling the Go365 Mobile app.


When will it be fixed? Our Mobile app team is working constantly to find a resolution. Currently there is no time frame on when this issue will be resolved.

Are you looking for a different way to learn everything there is to know about Go365?  In addition to the blogs, documents, and videos already available on the Go365 Community, you can now join us for our member webinars!  Each 30-minute presentation digs into our most popular Go365 topics followed by an open forum to ask all your questions.  The topics include:

  • Syncing Devices
  • The Go365 Mobile App
  • Getting Started with Go365


View a calendar of upcoming webinars and sign-up via links on our brand new Videos and Webinars space.   In addition to information on our webinars, this new space allows you to view all of our Go365 informational videos and past webinar presentations.

We have several webinars coming up in the new four months.   Here’s our upcoming slate:


Get Going With Go365 Webinar (April 18)

Know & Go: Go365 App Webinar (April 18)

Sync up with Go365 Webinar (May 15)

Know & Go: Go365 App Webinar (May 16 - A)

Know & Go: Go365 App Webinar (May 16-B)

Sync up with Go365 Webinar (May 17)


More information about each webinar is available within the events listed above.  Those interested in attending do need to register in advance.  Registration can be done via a link available within each event listing.