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Go365 is starting the first National Step Tournament!



What is it? It is a step challenge in which all Employer Groups with 2 or more Go365 members can compete against each other for the highest team average step count.



The winning teams will get:

  • A donation to their local chapter of Feeding America in their name.
  • Assistance with a press release in regards to the donation.
  • A teardrop award.
  • Bragging rights!



The donations will be as follows:

Feeding America

-2,326 meals donate in each company’s name that advances to Round 2

-6,500 meals donated in each company’s name that advances to Round 3

-Top 3 teams from each division will receive additional donations in their name:

                1st place: 50,000 Meals

                2nd place: 25,000 Meals

                3rd place: 10,000 Meals



Who is eligible? All employer groups having 2 or more eligible members that are active Go365 groups at the time of the tournament, with a Humana/Go365 effective date on or before 07/01/18 and have their principal place of business in US.



Who is not eligible? Groups with only a single employee, employees of Humana Inc. or its subsidiaries or affiliates (unless they are a spouse or eligible dependent of a subscriber on an eligible employer group plan), Medicare and Group Medicare members, Go365 Kids (under 18).



How does it work? The tournament will be completed in three rounds.

Enrollment PeriodTournament DatesUpload Period
Round 17/15-9/99/10-9/239/24-9/27
Round 210/2-10/1210/13-10/2610/27-10/31
Round 311/6-11/1611/17-11/3012/1-12/5



As the rounds complete, a certain number of companies in each division will continue on to the next round in a "knock out" style tournament.


DivisionRound 1 WinnersRound 2 Winners
Overall Winners
Small (2-99)25 per region (100 total)15 TotalTop 3
Medium (100-299)10 per region (40)15 TotalTop 3
Large (300-999)5 per region (20 total)5 TotalTop 3
Jumbo (1000+)  3 per region (12 total)5 TotalTop 3



What do I need to do? There are two main things that you will need to do. Join your Company's team and make sure that you have a compatible device connected to Go365. Your team name will be the name of your Company. You can check out Device and Workout Guide for a complete list of compatible devices with Go365. Once you have a compatible device or app, check out How do I connect a Fitness Device? for instructions.



How do I join?



How to join on the App

  1. Sign into Go365 app and access “Challenges” from menu
  2. Find and tap the “Go365 National Step Tournament” image under active sponsored challenges
  3. Tap “Join or create a team” then search for your Company’s name and follow the prompts to join that team


How to join on the Website

  1. Sign into and click “Check out Challenges” button from the Challenges dashboard tile
  2. Find the “Go365 National Step Tournament” image under active sponsored challenges and view details
  3. Search for your Company's name and click join team and follow prompts



How will I see the leaders? Leaderboards will be updated frequently on the Go365 Community. Once the tournament starts the link will be provided.



More information: There will be a webinar on the Go365 National Step Tournament. Follow to get to the information in our Videos and Webinars section of the Go365 Community. Click here to register.



*Please note there is a natural 24-48 hour delay after syncing your device for the steps to transfer to any challenges.



Any questions? Check out Contact Us for a list of ways to contact Go365.



No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open to active Go365 Employer Groups with 2 or more eligible members (with effective date on or before 7/1/18) and principal place of business in U.S.  Subscriber, spouse, and dependents 18+ may participate. Must have Go365-compatible step-counting device. Dependents under 18, Medicare members, and Group Medicare members not eligible to participate. Employees of Humana and its subsidiaries/affiliates not eligible except as spouse/dependent of eligible non-Humana Group. One team entry per group. Must enroll separately for each of three Rounds, beginning 7/15/18 with final enrollment ending 11/16/18. Total amount donated in winners’ names $100,000; total value of additional prizes $420. Subject to Official Rules.

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What is happening: This summer, we will be phasing out our online secure messaging system.


Who is affected: All Go365 Members.


What should I do: No actions are required. It is important that you print any messages you wish to keep for your records, as you will not be able to view them online once the secure messaging tab is removed.


Ways to submit activities: There will be a new way to submit your Biometric Screening forms to Go365. This will be announced soon with directions on how to submit your Biometric Screening. You will still be able to submit prevention activities by following How to Submit a Preventive Exam? or How to submit a Preventive Exam through the Go365 Mobile app?


How do I contact Go365: You will still be able to reach Go365 at any time. Check out Contact Us for all of the ways to contact Go365 if you have any questions or concerns.


What is happening: The Moves app will no longer be available for use as of 7/31/2018. Moves sent out a notification to all active members advising that the last day to login will be 7/30/2018.


What does this mean: As of 7/31/2018, Moves will no longer be active and you will not be able to login to view your data. Moves will also no longer share data with Go365.


What should I do: Before 7/31/2018, please go to the Device and Workout Guide to view a complete list of compatible devices and free apps. When you are ready to connect a new device, please go to How do I connect a Fitness Device? for assistance with connecting it to Go365.


How do I contact Go365: If you wish to speak with a Go365 representative for assistance setting up a new compatible device, please follow the steps in Contact Us for further assistance.



Today, you will see a new change with the Challenges Point structure.


As a Go365 member, you will no longer get Points for creating or joining a team or joining a Challenge. You will receive 50 Points for participating in a Challenge (up to 100 Points each month).


What counts as “participation” in a Challenge? As long as you upload data with a Go365-compatible device at least once during a Challenge, you will have verified participation. Aside from step data for a step challenge, this also includes uploading your weight to a weight loss challenge.


Points will award once data syncs to the challenge, and can be found under the Personalized Activities category within your Go365 Statement.


These changes have been put in place to improve the Challenge experience. The Point restructuring is to reward people who make an effort to actively engage in the Challenges.