New Changes to Challenges in 2018

Blog Post created by go365admin5 on Jul 2, 2018



Today, you will see a new change with the Challenges Point structure.


As a Go365 member, you will no longer get Points for creating or joining a team or joining a Challenge. You will receive 50 Points for participating in a Challenge (up to 100 Points each month).


What counts as “participation” in a Challenge? As long as you upload data with a Go365-compatible device at least once during a Challenge, you will have verified participation. Aside from step data for a step challenge, this also includes uploading your weight to a weight loss challenge.


Points will award once data syncs to the challenge, and can be found under the Personalized Activities category within your Go365 Statement.


These changes have been put in place to improve the Challenge experience. The Point restructuring is to reward people who make an effort to actively engage in the Challenges.