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As a Go365 member who earns Points by checking in at Anytime Fitness, this is to inform you that as of August 17 your preferred Anytime Fitness location will move to Beacon technology, changing how Go365 will verify your Anytime Fitness workouts and award Points. 


Action Required:

1. Download Go365 App

2. Go to the menu on the App and tap "Account & Settings"

3. Choose "Beacon" setting and make sure it's turned on

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Keep in mind that location services and Bluetooth must be on to wirelessly check in and get rewarded. You must also have a valid data connection to your smartphone carrier’s internet connection or available Wi-Fi connection.


That’s it!  Once your location has enabled the Beacon technology on August 17, and you have completed the steps above you will be prompted to check-in through your smartphone and continue to earn your Points – within 24 hours!  You can also check-in manually by pulling up the Beacon setting in the App and tapping your location once the App recognizes there is a Beacon nearby.


However, not all locations will have Beacon technology.


Not to worry! Go365 offers more ways to earn up to 50 daily fitness points:

1. Use a compatible, connected fitness device such as a pedometer, fitness tracker (wearable devices or apps on your smartphone) or heart rate monitor. Use Device and Workout Guide to view a complete list.

2. Choose another participating fitness facility from our network of 30,000 nationwide locations