We're making changes to the Message Center: Update 8/18/2018

Blog Post created by go365admin3 on Aug 18, 2018

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What is happening: We are phasing out our  secure messaging system. You may have used this to send Go365 a message about your account or submit an activity.


Who is affected: All Go365 Members.


What should I do: No actions are required. We encourage you to print any messages you wish to keep for your records, as you will not be able to view them  once the Secure Messaging tab is removed.


Ways to submit activities: From now on, you can upload your forms directly on the Activity Detail pages at www.go365.com. There is a new process to submit your Biometric Screenings to Go365. Follow How to submit a Biometric Screening for directions. You will still be able to submit prevention activities by following How to Submit a Preventive Exam? or How to submit a Preventive Exam through the Go365 Mobile app?


How do I contact Go365: You will still be able to reach Go365 at any time. Check out Contact Us for all of the ways to contact Go365 if you have any questions or concerns.