2-Step Verification Process - Tips and More

Blog Post created by go365admin3 on Mar 18, 2019

To protect your information and to keep your account secure, Humana has implemented a 2-step verification process. If you are finding some trouble with the new process, here are some helpful tips to assist!


Please be sure that you are using your username and password with Go365. This will not be an email, if you are not sure what your username is, please follow the process "Forgot Username" on www.go365.com to verify.


Please be sure to select remember this device for each device you log in with.


The confirmation code is only active for 5 minutes, if it has been longer than that, the code will expire and you will need to start the process again. The code is valid for 5 minutes after the time stamp on the email.


Code not received: If you have not received your code, please be advised that it can take some time to be sent to your email and it may have been directed to your junk or SPAM folder

  • If you are using and email from the following providers, there is a current delay in the emails being sent. This is being worked as the highest priority by our IT department. If you have a secondary email, you can enter that to have it sent to. If you do not have another email, please continue to check back periodically.
    • Yahoo
    • Ymail
    • Rocket Mail
    • AOL
  • Check the spelling of your email if you do not receive an email with your verification code within a few minutes. If spelling is correct, you should check your Spam folder to be sure it wasn’t routed there automatically.
  • If the email used was a work email and you still aren’t receiving the verification code, your company may not show Humana / Go365 as a trusted IP address and could be blocking the email. Employers' IT departments can help confirm Humana / Go365 are trusted. Otherwise, you can use a non-work-based email as a workaround.
  • If you have unsubscribed from a past Humana / Go365 email, then the email associated with that unsubscribe will not receive an email with a verification code. You can use a different email not associated with the unsubscribe action or log the unsubscribed email with Customer Service.
  • You may not receive a verification code via text potentially due to cellphone carrier issues. Carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile could have issues during peak times or there might be a weak cellular signal. If poor signal, you can restart your phone so it confirms that you are using the closest/strongest cell tower. If good signal but delayed response, it could be a carrier issue which you may have to wait and try again later.


*Update* If you have not already, please try again to get your verification code there was an update by our IT department.


Locked out: If you have tried your code more then 10 times, it will state that you are locked out. There is no need to contact Go365, your account will reset in one hour and you will be able to try again.


Multiple Codes: If you have received multiple confirmation codes, please be sure to use the most recent one. As soon as a new code is sent, the previous confirmation code is no longer active.


Invalid Code: If you are receiving a notice saying your code is invalid, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • The code is more than 5 mins old. Once it has hit 5 mins, the code is no longer valid and will need to be resent.
  • You received multiple codes. If you have more than one code, be sure to use the most recent codes that was sent to you.
  • On a mobile phone. If you are on a mobile phone, please restart your phone and request a new code to try again.
  • There is a five code max, all codes after will be invalid. To resolve, please do the following:
    • Close all browsers
    • Clear cookies and internet history
    • Open a new browser
    • Please wait for all codes to come through, all will be invalid, delete all previous codes
    • Request a new code, allow time for the code to come through


Mobile App Code Entry Issue: Some versions of Samsung mobile devices, and others, are not letting you leave the app to retrieve your code and return to the app to enter it. If you are experiencing this issue, please do the following.

  • Once you retrieve the code from email or text, select the "App Finder" button at the bottom of the screen. This is most likely 3 straight vertical lines next to your home button.
  • Once selected, it will display all apps that are running.
  • Scroll to find the Go365 Mobile app.
  • You will then be able to enter your code.


Experience an error or issue when trying to authenticate through the Go365 App:

  • Ensure you have the most up-to-date iOS / Android operating systems as well as the most up-to-date Go365 App. Operating systems and the Go365 App are updated as needed to resolve known issues and enhance the member experience.
  • If you continue to run into an issue through the Go365 App, try the following: uninstall then reinstall the Go365 App, then turn the phone off then on and wait 24 hours before attempting to access the Go365 App again.


If you don’t have access to a computer/smartphone:

  • Go365 is a web-based program. It is crucial for members to find local resources to help them access Go365 if you don’t have a personal computer or smartphone.  You can check out additional resources that include local libraries and schools, trusted family members, friends and neighbors, or some companies have a company kiosk you can use


When you use a public/shared device:

  • You are not encouraged to use “Remember device” when using a shared or public device (even those of trusted family members, friends or neighbors) to further protect your security.
  • If text is the preferred method to verify identity, we encourage you to update your authentication preference in your profile upon the first time you have to verify your  identity so that text is used on any future logins from other devices, including public/shared devices. Steps to update within Go365.com: My Profile > Account & Settings > scroll to “Account security” section and update to preferred text preference – Note: You will need to verify your identity after selecting your new preference.


If you have a shared email or don’t have an email/cell number:

  • Go365 and Humana websites are intended to only be tied to one member to best protect members’ security. You will need to have a personal email or cell number to verify your identity and access Go365. If you have been using a shared email with other family members or simply don’t have an email or cell number, the most cost effective solution to help you gain access to Go365 is to create a free email that you can use to authenticate themselves moving forward. Gmail and Yahoo email accounts are two popular companies through which members can create a free email account.


For some more information on the 2-Step verification process, check out 2-Step Verification Experience


Continued Issues: If you are still having troubles with the 2-Step verification process, please call 1-844-715-7402 for assistance. This is a dedicated number to help with the new verification process.