Go365 Mobile App Lag - 3.29.19

Blog Post created by go365admin3 on Mar 29, 2019

Mobile app.PNG


What is happening: Some members may experience the following error in the Go365 Mobile app as well as an overall lag or slowness in the app.


"Sorry we are unable to load the resources at this time. Please try again."



What do I need to do: Nothing at this time, our IT department is working on a fix. You are still able to access parts of the Go365 Mobile app and the online experience through the website is not affected. We will let you know if any further actions are required.



When will this be resolved: Our IT department is currently working on a resolution as a high priority. There is currently no ETA at this time. Any updates will be added to this post as they are received.



Please know that we will continue to keep you updated on any further actions needed. Thank you so much for your patience at this time.