National Step Challenge Update - 6/4/2019

Blog Post created by go365admin3 on Jun 4, 2019

What is happening? The National Step Challenge is not available to view from your Go365 account.


Why is this happening? The National Step Challenge is going live as of 6/10/2019. Currently from now until then, there is a technical period where you will not be able to see the National Step Challenge listed in your app. This is happening so our IT department can divide companies into the proper divisions based off of team size. 


What do I need to do? Nothing at this time. If you are registered, the challenge will be back on your account as of 6/10/19 when it begins. In the mean time, please be sure that your devices are connected and are currently syncing to Go365. 


ETA? You will be able to view the challenge as of 6/10/19 when the challenge goes live.


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