Apple Health and Shealth Delay starting 8/30/19 : Updated

Blog Post created by go365admin3 on Sep 3, 2019


What is happening: Steps are being delayed from certain devices starting on 8/30/19. 


What devices are affected: Apple Health and Shealth apps and corresponding devices and watches.


What do I need to do: Nothing at this time, our IT department is working on a resolution and steps and Points will be backdated. 


ETA: There is currently no ETA at this time.


Updates will be provided as we have them!


Update 9/4/19: Apple Health delay (iOS Users) 9/4/9 - Please be sure that you have the version 4.0.1 of the Go365 Mobile app. 


Some important notes: Points can take up to 24-48 hours to fully award. Please be sure that if you had to uninstall and reinstall the Go365 Mobile app that you reconnect Apple Health or Shealth. 


How to connect Apple Health  

How to connect Samsung Health  


Update 9/6/19: Samsung Health Update 10.21.2019 - The Shealth issue has been resolved. Please be sure that when you reinstall the Go365 Mobile app that you reconnect Shealth and allow all data to be shared.