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What is happening? There is a Go365 mobile app update available for iPhone users. If the update is not completed, a "Login Failed" error may be received when attempting to sign in.


Who is affected? Apple iPhone users only.


What does that mean? If you have an iPhone, and use the Go365 mobile app, you must complete the most recent Go365 mobile app update.


What do I need to do? iPhone users must access the App Store > Search Go365 > Update > Open. Completing this process should allow you to sign in as usual. If you cannot locate the update within the App Store, please delete the Go365 mobile app and then reinstall.


*Be sure to double check that any connected apps/devices are still connected post update, especially Apple Health.


How to connect Apple Health




What is happening? Strava has made some changes on their end that has disconnected Go365 member Strava accounts from Go365.


Who is affected? Strava users only.


What does that mean? This was a positive change made by Strava in regards to security permissions, but unfortunately it disconnected accounts to force the refresh/acceptance of the new permissions.


What do I need to do? In order for Go365 to continue to receive workout data from Strava users, members must reconnect their Strava account to ensure Go365 can continue to have access to their activities. Not reconnecting will halt any data transfer to Go365 from Strava.



How to connect Strava



What is happening? There is a current delay for steps and workout data starting from 10/3/19 to present. 


Who is affected? All devices and apps are being affected at this time.


What does that mean? You may notice a delay in your Daily Workouts awarding from recent dates.


What do I need to do? Nothing at this time, our IT department is aware and is currently working on a resolution. All Daily Workout data will be backdated to your account.


Updates will be added as they are received.


UPDATE 10/10/19: The underlying issue has been resolved. Please allow up to 48 hours for the steps to backdate and the Points to award. 


What is happening? You may be seeing a "Login Failed" or "Maintenance" error when logging into your Go365 account.


Who is affected? The Go365 Mobile app and as well as MyHumana and 


What do I need to do? Nothing at this time, our IT department is aware and is working on a resolution. Please be assured that this is a top priority and it will be resolved as soon as possible.


Updates will be added as we have them to keep you informed! 


UPDATE 10/1/19: The cause was discovered and has been resolved. The fix continues to process, however, most members will experience no issues moving forward.


If you are still experiencing an error after tomorrow, please contact Go365 through the secured chat or ask a question in the Go365 Community!