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What is happening? The Android version for the Go365 Mobile app has been crashing or closing for some users. The Challenges, and beacons check ins may also be affected as well. 


What do I need to do? Nothing at this time. Our IT department is working on a resolution and they will implement it as soon as possible. 


Thank you all so much for your patience! Updates will be posted to this thread as we have them. 



11/14/19 - Our IT department has discovered the root cause and have currently set a fix to update overnight. 

What happened? Over night, Go365 made some changes to the Activities page on


You will now be able to view your recommended activities under their corresponding tab! This will make your activities easier to find by category! 


When you select "View Details" under the activity, it will take you to your Recommended Activities tab to get started on your wellness! 




Also added, were direct links to courses and conversations!


This will make finding and continuing your courses easier and more efficient when you are looking to start the next part of your course!


Be sure that you have the corresponding Recommended Activity set in order to earn Points for your courses and conversations. If the activity was not set or the course or conversation was not recommended, Points will not be awarded.