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We’re excited to announce more Go365-eligible workout options to help you get rewarded for working on your well-being!


1. New daily workout type: Virtual/At-home workout

As of 6/3/2020, in addition to step, heart rate, calorie or gym workouts, you can now get rewarded for at-home workouts. You will simply upload proof (i.e. selfie, screenshot of workout, picture of workout video) online or in the Go365 App within seven days of the workout to get rewarded. A virtual workout awards 10 Points per day. Just as any other workout type it displays as a Daily Workout on your Go365 Statement and contributes to physical activity related Recommended Activities and workout bonuses such as lifetime and weekly bonuses. It is also subject to the daily workout Points calculation (example: member gets 11,000 steps on the same day as as submitting a virtual workout; member will get 11 Points for Daily Workouts).


See attached for sample images of the experience and acceptable file formats for proof.


To submit: 

Within the mobile app - click on Activities and tap the + button in the upper right "New Home Workout"


On, click on Activities - Select Daily Workout and click on view details - Scroll down to where is says "NEW Submit Photo Proof". Enter the activity date, and upload your image. Once complete, click on Submit.

2. Virtual fitness facility options: Echelon and Fitness On Demand (FOD)

As of 5/21/2020, you can now connect their Echelon or FOD account to Go365 to get credit as a participating fitness facility workout. You must go through via the Fitness Network Page to connect.


Instructions included in the attachments below:

•Echelon - How to connect flyer
•Fitness On Demand - How to connect flyer

Additionally, Go365 members will get:
•25-30% discount off Echelon equipment when making purchases through the Discounts category of the Go365 Mall. This is still being developed (more to come!!)
•Free access to FOD’s workouts now through September 30, 2020.



These changes are here to stay for YOU!