Garmin Temporary Outage - 7.24.20 - Updated

Blog Post created by go365admin3 on Jul 24, 2020

What is happening? Garmin connect and Garmin.com are currently experiencing an outage.


What does this mean? You will not be able to access your Garmin account to sync your tracker, connect a Garmin device to Go365 or contact Garmin Customer Service at this time.


What do I need to do with my Garmin device and Go365? Nothing at this time. It is not necessary to disconnect and reconnect at this time. 


What happens to my Points with Go365? Currently, you may notice a delay in your Daily Workouts. This is due to the outage that Garmin is experiencing. Once they have a resolution, they will be able to send the data to Go365. 


Why are there no Garmin products in the Go365 Mall? When you order a Garmin product from the Go365 Mall, the order is sent to Garmin to be processed and shipped. Due to the outage, we are unable to send orders at this time. Please know that the Garmin products will be back as soon as there is a resolution. 


Please know that Garmin is aware of the outage and they are actively working on a resolution. You can check out the link below for updates directly from Garmin.




Please know that we, at Go365, understand the frustration that it can cause for your Daily Workouts and steps and we will be adding any updates to this post as they are available. 


Thank you all for your patience and understanding! 


Update 7.27.20 - Garmin is still working through the outage and systems are beginning to come back online. Syncing data to "Third Party Apps" is still delayed. This would be the activity data syncing with Go365. Once this is able to come back online, the data will be pushed to Go365 and your Points will be awarded. 


Update 8.6.20 - Garmin has began to send data to Go365 for the workouts, which will also work to backfill the data. Once this data hits Go365, your Points will be backdated and awarded within 24-48 hours. Please know that this may take some time to send all of the information. We will continue to monitor the situation and continue to post updates as they occur. 


It is still not necessary to disconnect/reconnect at this time. Updates will continue to be provided as they are available. 


We appreciate your continued patience!