A new look for Recommended Activities!

Blog Post created by go365admin3 on Sep 21, 2020

You may have noticed a new look to your Recommended Activities with Go365! Check out the updates below!



Supporting Activities - Now you can view the activities that are aligned with the Recommended Activity right underneath the activity itself. Just select the "View Supporting Activities" drop down. It will list all of the activities associated with that specific activity to help you keep better track if they have been completed. 




Started Activities vs Not Started - There is a clear difference in which have been started and which have not. As well as a detailed list of the supported activities. 




New Symbols - There are also new symbols to indicate which supporting activities have been awarded or are available.


A clear or empty circle, means the activity has not been completed or awarded while the activity has been set or recommended. 


A green check mark means that the activity has been completed and awarded for you.


An orange caution symbol means that this activity is not eligible for Points until the Recommended Activity has been started. 



Please note: Courses and Conversations will show recommended, however, Points will not be awarded for completion until the Recommended Activity has been started. Courses must also be completed within the time frame of the Recommended Activity. 


Activities are recommended based off of an individual's overall Go365 Profile. There are many different  variations of the recommended activities and may not be recommended or available to all members.