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What is happening? Strava has made some changes on their end that has disconnected Go365 member Strava accounts from Go365.


Who is affected? Strava users only.


What does that mean? This was a positive change made by Strava in regards to security permissions, but unfortunately it disconnected accounts to force the refresh/acceptance of the new permissions.


What do I need to do? In order for Go365 to continue to receive workout data from Strava users, members must reconnect their Strava account to ensure Go365 can continue to have access to their activities. Not reconnecting will halt any data transfer to Go365 from Strava.



How to connect Strava

What is happening?   Athletic events self-submitted online or through the mobile app are not awarding Points.  Regardless of the file type submitted as proof, self-submission triggers an error that says "Form Submission Failed."


Who does this affect? All Go365 members who are self-submitting athletic events


What is the ETA for resolution?  IT is working to resolve the issue.  The issue is expected to be resolved by 5/24.


What should I do? To receive Points for your submission, you can either wait until the issue has been resolved and resubmit your athletic event.  Otherwise, you can submit it through the Communication Center on to be entered manually by a representative.  We apologize for the inconvenience.