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What is happening: There is a current delay with Points being awarded for Daily Workouts. You will see your steps, heart rate or calorie data transfer, however, no Daily Workout Points will be awarded.


Who is affected: This is not limited to a specific device, it is affecting Daily Workouts for all devices.


What do I need to do: Nothing at this time. Please continue to sync your compatible device frequently to avoid missing data. Our IT department is currently working on a resolution as quickly as possible.


Update 6/28/2018: This issue has been resolved. Daily Workout Points and Bucks will be backdated within the next 24-48 hours. You may notice a slightly longer than normal time frame for your Points updating, please be sure to allow 24-48 hours for all Points to be awarded.



What happened? Fitbit had scheduled maintenance on their site which caused an outage that affected Go365 from accessing your data.


When did it start? 6/4/2018


What does that mean? You may be seeing your Points delayed and your steps not uploading to Challenges.


What to do? The maintenance is complete but if you see that your steps are not uploading after 6/4/2018, please follow the process to disconnect your Fitbit from your Go365 account and reconnect it. Your steps will be backdated within the next 24-48 hours.


Please note: You will need to allow all data to be shared when you reconnect your device.


6/26/18 Update: Our IT department has discovered the issue and the delay with Fitbit steps has been resolved. Please note: It can take a full 24-48 hours after syncing or reconnecting your device for the steps to transfer to Go365.


Anytime Fitness

Posted by go365admin3 Jun 8, 2018

anytime fitness.PNG

What is happening? Go365 is currently working with Anytime Fitness to review our partnership and connection process.


Who is affected? Only members needing to connect a new Anytime Fitness membership to Go365. If you have connected your Anytime Fitness account in the past, you will not be affected.


What does this mean for me? You will not see Anytime Fitness locations on Go365. Please utilize a compatible fitness device or other participating facility in the meantime.


What do I need to do? Watch for updates on, here on the Go365 Community, and by email.


Contact us: For questions, please visit our Support page, use the chat option on, or call the number on the back of your ID card.

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What is happening? You may be experiencing an occasional "general validation exception error" when logging into the Go365 Mobile app.


Why is this happening? Technical issues are causing the occasional error with the IOS version of the Go365 Mobile app.


How do I resolve the error? Our IT department is advising to restart your phone instead of removing and reinstalling the Go365 Mobile app.


When will it be fixed? Our Mobile app team is working constantly to find a resolution. Currently there is no time frame on when this issue will be resolved.

What is happening? Scheduled maintenance is being performed for the Humana Pedometers. This will cause Go365 Members with a Humana Pedometer to be unable to upload, register, unregister or view new data during the scheduled time.


Who is it affecting? Go365 Members who are using Humana G1.0 Pedometers and Humana G2.0 Pedometers.


What dates are affected?  The maintenance will start 6/2/2017 at 10:00 PM EST and continue through 6/3/2017 at 10:00 AM EST.


What should I do?  Nothing is required to be done for resolution. Humana Pedometer uploads will resume as usual after the scheduled maintenance is complete.