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Today, you will see a new change with the Challenges Point structure.


As a Go365 member, you will no longer get Points for creating or joining a team or joining a Challenge. You will receive 50 Points for participating in a Challenge (up to 100 Points each month).


What counts as “participation” in a Challenge? As long as you upload data with a Go365-compatible device at least once during a Challenge, you will have verified participation. Aside from step data for a step challenge, this also includes uploading your weight to a weight loss challenge.


Points will award once data syncs to the challenge, and can be found under the Personalized Activities category within your Go365 Statement.


These changes have been put in place to improve the Challenge experience. The Point restructuring is to reward people who make an effort to actively engage in the Challenges.

We're deeply committed to continually improve your experience with Go365, and one change you'll be seeing is the elimination of the "Personalized Activities" category. Items that previously showed up under Personalized Activities on the Go365 Statement will be moved to more intuitive categories, specifically the following:


  • Activities tied to overarching goals (for example, maternity management program, medication adherence, etc.), Courses, Conversations, and Health Coaching will go under the Recommended Activities category
  • Weekly Logs, New Habits, Daily Moments and Sleep 7+ Hours App activities will be found under the Health Living category
  • Challenge activities will be found under the Fitness category

For those of you who have been using a Jawbone device to connect with the Go365 app, please be aware that Jawbone is no longer compatible. Jawbone declared bankruptcy and closure in 2017 and for some time continued to provide support for their existing devices. However, Go365 no longer supports Jawbone as the technology is expected to become defunct at some point.


If you're wondering about which fitness device works for you, check out our quick video about this very topic! If you want to read about both the devices AND apps that can be connected to the Go365 app, please check out this grid for your reference.

smartphone & coffee cup.jpg


This is just a heads up! The Go365 Challenges feature will undergo a system update starting 10 pm Tuesday, March 20 through 8 am Wednesday, March 21, Eastern Time. During this time, you won't be able to do log into Challenges and you may experience a slight delay with your devices syncing. Thank you for your patience while we work our magic behind the scenes!