FIT Radio is now available in the HumanaVitality Mall!

Blog Post created by go365admin on Oct 5, 2015

When you are working out, it isn't always easy to find upbeat and motivating music.  In addition to that, it can take a long time to create or update your playlists on your phone.  Streaming music services don’t always have the best workout tunes either. Wouldn't it be great if you had a source for music designed to keep you motivated and your endorphin pumping?


Believe it or not, such a music service exists.  It is called Fit Radio.  Fit Radio offers a mobile fitness app that provides individuals with non-stop, high energy music of all genres designed to motivate.  As a HumanaVitality member, you are eligible for a discounted subscription to Fit Radio! These discounts are available to all of our members who have reached Bronze status or higher.


Here are the discounts on Fit Radio subscriptions:

  • $3.99/Month
  • $19.99/Yearly
  • $59.99/Lifetime



The discounts can be accessed by clicking the link within the “Cash Only” section of the HumanaVitality Mall.  To find out more information about Fit Radio, visit their website at www.fitradio.com.