Go365 Mall - Trek Bikes 5.12.20 *Updated 6.3.20

Blog Post created by go365admin3 on May 12, 2020

What is happening? Trek Bikes in the Go365 are currently out of stock. 


What do I need to do? Nothing at this time.


When will they be restocked? Please know that we are working with our suppliers for additional information. We are working on an ETA for when these will be available, but at this time we do not have more information. 


Thank you for your continued patience at this time! Any updates will be added as they are available. 


6.3.20 Update: We understand that some members have different policy and Buck time frames and limitations. As a result, there is now an exception process in place to help! 


You must have one of the following happening in order to receive this exception:

-Your Policy with Go365 will be terminating

-Your Policy is renewing and you will have Bucks expiring


If you met one of these requirements, please Contact Us for more information on the process. Unfortunately, if you do not meet one of these requirements, the exception will not be granted. 


I can understand the frustration that this can cause. Please know that we are taking your feedback seriously and are always working to improve your experience with Go365.