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2 challenges started today.  I signed up for both a while back.  I see my name.  But there are zero steps for the day.  A co-worker has steps registering.  Why aren't mine showing up?  Did I miss something when signing up for challenge?  This is the first one I've ever done.
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Haven't received points for daily health quiz since 9/20/20. Didn't get points for a mindfulness log either last week.
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How do I get point credit for my steps since Go365 has not synced my steps since 9/23?? My Fitbit app is working fine.
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I am having issues with Runkeeper not syncing work outs. It only gave me points for one work out yesterday for 20 points and I had two work outs that should have given me 50 points. I had an work out today a lunch that has also not shown up either.  I have tried to disconnect Runkeeper from the app and connect again. I know every time I post… (Show more)
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My Runkeeper has been connected, but I haven't received any points for Runkeeper workouts since 2019! I should have Runkeeper points starting Feb 2, 2020 - current. I recently disconnected the app and reconnected, but nothing's changed yet. Can this be fixed and my points retroactively applied?
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My FitBit points and exercise points have not synced since August 30th.  I deleted the FitBit app and Go365 apps from my phone and reinstalled them and they are still not showing up.
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