• converted all my points at the end of Dec 2019 to Lowes Gift Cards.  Now can't find them. 

    can emails be reissued?
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  • No points for recommended course?

    I just finished the “Learn More About Managing Stress” recommended activity and received my points for this activity. As part of the activity, I had to finish the Stress Management Course, but got zero poi...
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  • I completed 2 courses, but only received points for the first one (400pts).  Is that the max allowed?

    I couldn't find any info on how many courses are applicable for points. 
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  • not getting points for daily quiz

    I do a daily health IQ quiz each day and I am not seeing my points accrue on dashboard?
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  • Gym membership fees?

    Are there gyms that recognize go365? If so, do we get a cut on membership fees?
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  • When are points for course conversations awarded for recommended activities?

    I am in 2 courses right now for recommended activities and have completed the conversations for them. However, my statements are showing 0 points for them both. One of them was completed 5/1 and I thought those would ...
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  • Points are not syncing correctly

    My points for steps & a Health IQ quiz are not syncing correctly. On May 22nd I walked 16,000 steps and was only given 5 points. I also took the daily quiz on May 22nd and was not given those 2 points either. I re...
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  • Bucks rewards

    all recently I encountered all my daily workouts data are uploaded correctly. But i did not received any bucks reward. When email go365 support i received a reply from go365admin6 stating "Daily workouts count towards...
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  • Daily Health Quiz Points Not Awarding

    My Daily Health Quiz points have not posted for the past couple of days.  My points were awarding daily up through Saturday (5/2), but have not been awarded for Sunday (5/3) or Monday (5/4).  The points...
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  • Go365 Activities Guide

    Look for ways to get started with your Go365 Program! 
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  • How do I submit eligible activities for Points?

    How do I submit these activities for Points?   Athletic Event Blood Donation CPR Certification First Aid Certification Prevention Activity (flu shots, pap tests, prostate screenings, dental/vision exams, etc...
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