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My Humana Gear g2.0 will not sync.  The gear sync app was deleted and reinstalled and it still will not stay on long enough to upload my data. The battery is good.  Another coworker used the same computer as I and the gear sync worked for him.  Please help.
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I got an Apple watch for my birthday.  I was using Fitbit.  I connected my apple health on June 30th but still had my fitbit on my wrist til July 3rd.  I do not see any activity since then from my Apple watch.  How can I get those steps in and have it sync?
in Workouts and Devices
I have not had any activity showing since I got my Apple Watch on the 9th of June ... When I go to the app it says my health app is connected .. when I go to the Go365 webpage it says that “HealthKit (never uploaded)” ... Help would be appreciated because I am missing out on a bunch of steps and points .. Thanks
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We are starting a fun challenge where we don't want the team members to go in and look at the steps and after the week is over with then everyone can see who had the most steps. We will still be synching and going into GO365 but everyone is instructed not to go into the challenge based on the honor system. Will the steps sync this way for us?
in Workouts and Devices
Can the workout activity from Samsung Health such as exercises and heart rate be linked to Go365 to earn points?
in Workouts and Devices
I've attempted to upload my Humana gear pedometer, knowing there are lots of steps, but nothing uploads after 09/10/2018.  My husband's  doesn't show after 09/09/2018.  This sounds like a system issue.  Can you help?
in Workouts and Devices
Going under the assumption that Humana will never add Google Fit to their compatible apps list, I'm wondering about the best workarounds. Hoping to hear from the Android community if you have found a simple yet effective strategy in getting your Google Fit activity transferred to your Go365 account.   I currently have a Pixel 2, and an Asus… (Show more)
in Workouts and Devices
My activity on my Fitbit has not synced to my Go365 account since July. I've disconnected and connected the app a couple times now, but my steps are still not showing up. How do I resolve this issue?
in Workouts and Devices
Why isn't go365 recording my steps lately?
in Workouts and Devices
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