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My go 365 app has not synced points for my step on the apple health app since 12/05. It was working prior to that date. I can also see my current health app steps but it is not providing points for them.
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I also have a Garmin Vivoactive 4, I was given only 4 workout points yesterday 10/21/2020, but the Go365 Statement shows more than 10,000 steps   more that 200 calories burnt which I did in less than 1 hour.
in Syncing Devices and Apps
As you can see in the attached screenshots, Samsung Health is connected when you go to my settings and look at all connected devices. I have all permissions allowed, so it's able to share everything, but when I try to use Samsung Health for any of the weekly logs (Food/Weight/etc) it shows up as not connected and I can't get it to connect no… (Show more)
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I have a Garmin Vivoactive and recorded over 7500 steps yesterday and they are not syncing with Go365.  I've updated my app and synced several times but still no steps on Go365 for yesterday. 
in Syncing Devices and Apps
My Apple health data was syncing to my account but stopped around October 13th. I have deleted and reinstalled the app and reconnected Apple health almost 48 hours ago but it still hasn’t updated. I’m a part of a step challenge and haven’t gotten credit for any steps since it started. What do I need to do?
in Syncing Devices and Apps
The Android mobile app for Go365 is not letting me log into my account. It keeps saying "Error, try again later". It has been giving me this error for 6+ months. Without the mobile app I cannot use my Samsung Health account and all I have is a Samsung watch. Will there ever be a fix to this? From what I am seeing people have been giving feedback… (Show more)
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I downloaded the Go365 app on my iPhone. Tried to log in and got the message saying "Your plan type is not currently supported by this app. I am trying to sync Apple Watch and/or Activity and/or Apple Health to the go365 program. Please help 
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I already connected my Fitbit with Go365 but I don’t see my data on Go365?
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I know that an update of some sort was done that would stop fitbit from syncing to app.Just wanted to know if this is something that is going to clear up and start working on its own or if there is anything I have to do?Fitbit updated yesterday and hasn't since, Will I still be getting credit for my steps as I'm in the step challenge and it is… (Show more)
in Syncing Devices and Apps
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