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Hello,   How would I upload historical gym points to Go365 that did not sync? I thought my gym was connected (no beacon available, only swipe in), but it looks like that was not the case - they weren't synced.   Thanks!
in Syncing Devices and Apps
It's been more than a year since the EKG capable Apple Watch 4 has came out (now version 5), and we still can't get points for Heart Rate and Calories. 2 iterations of this functionality, but Humana Go365 is incapable of importing this data directly or from Apple Health/Activity. What exactly have you all even done to improve this program? Why is… (Show more)
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I'm in a sleep challenge and my sleep that I'm logging is not being updated. I'm using Apple Health and it is connected to Go 365, and yet the challenge I'm in shows 0 sleep hours logged. Attached is a screenshot of my settings in both Apple Health and Go 365 showing that they are connected. 
in Syncing Devices and Apps
Still not syncing apple health. Nothing since 4/23 and I can’t get answers from go365!
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I haven’t received points for my steps (Apple Health) since 12/28.  How can I fix it?
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I have not been able to get my Apple health app or my Fitbit steps to sync. This has been an ongoing issue for months for my Apple app and a month for Fitbit. I have deleted and reinstalled numerous times, spoken to people who said I’m all set yet here I am, still not getting anything for all my steps. My husband’s finally got fixed yet mine is… (Show more)
in Syncing Devices and Apps
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