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I cannot access the app on my iPhone.  When I initially downloaded it, I was able to access and use the app.  Now, however, I only get a "general exception" when I try to log on.  I've deleted and reinstalled the app two times so far.
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Go365 is missing my 7/18 steps from S Health. All other days have synced properly. I had 21,180 steps. See attached.
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I have had issues synching my Garmin 920XT to my GO365 account since day one (April)  I sync my 920XT to my Garmin Connect account daily and typically workout 5-6 times per week (run, bike, swim).  Typically, GO365 would only sync to my Garmin connect account when I manually enter an athletic event (race).  ie) when I manually log a race, GO365… (Show more)
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Everyone seems to be having the same concern, syncing and not getting points. When are will Go365 address the problem?
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     Is there an issue with apple health and the app, I have not been getting points for my steps each day and the last time the app has synced was on 7/18/17 and it states that I have only walked 444 steps that day. I average about 4000 plus steps a day and I have not gotten points. I have been advised to uninstall the app the wait 48 hours but… (Show more)
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My Go365 shows last data for 7/07/17 and nothing for 07/08/17. The data for 07/07/17 is actually the data for 07/08/17; this means my data for 07/07/17 is not synched. May this be corrected? I have included screenshots.
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It looks as if the Polar data is finally updating to Go365, or at least it has for the past few days.  I haven't checked the entire month of July yet, but I have been given points for workouts for the past few days based on Polar workout data.   Thanks, Go365, for finally getting to the bottom of this matter.
in Syncing Devices and Apps
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