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I keep trying to connect my Health IQ to go365, but I keep getting a “null” message (I’ve attached a screen shot of the message). I’m missing out on points because of this.
in Syncing Devices and Apps
Nightmare of syncing.  Most every challenge.  Whether I use a Fitbit or my iPhone.  One day it works, the next it doesn’t.  Reinstalled the Go365 Ap which was a treat.  Code after code after code.  Just to get the message that I was using an old password.  In other words I had the correct password!  After that bit of fun, still not syncing.  Yes I… (Show more)
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I've been using Samsung Health to keep track of my steps. When the info is synced to Go365, it reports 1,000-2,000 steps less than what Samsung Health is reporting. Not only that, but in the last 10 days, it has not recorded my steps on Go365 at all. I'm trying to figure out what's going on with the syncing process and why it is under reporting my… (Show more)
in Syncing Devices and Apps
May18th I had over 10,000 steps from my Fitbit. 365 only recorded 1750. I waited a couple of days and synced my device and it was not corrected.
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I have had no issues with the Go365 app until about a month ago.  I did not get credit for 4 days in a row, and then it started working again.  Last week it stopped working, I couldn't log in.  I went to the website, changed my password and everything started working.  Sunday, I think, it stopped letting me log in again.  I can't get into the… (Show more)
in Syncing Devices and Apps
Why am I having to uninstall and reinstall the app every 2-3 days? After a couple days it won't login, when I reinstall again it's fine for a few days then with logging in again and repeat the process.  This has been going on for months now. 
in Syncing Devices and Apps
Click to view contentWithings Health Mate Withings Health Mate is a compatible device with Go365. If you currently use a Withings device, you can connect it and earn Points with Go365!   How to connect Withings Health Mate    What type of data is eligible with Withings? Withings will share step, calorie and blood pressure data with Go365. All data must be logged with…
in Syncing Devices and Apps
My Fitbit has not been registering my daily activity since March 9th. It still shows linked and active but no data in the Go365 app. How do I fix this?
in Syncing Devices and Apps
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