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It's been a little over a week I haven't had any steps go in to my go 365 app. But they are being recorded in the Samsung health app. 
in Syncing Devices and Apps
If there is this many people complaining about Apple health not syncing with the Go365 app then why isn’t a patch or update being released to fix the problem since deleting the app and reinstalling or opening the app more frequently doesn’t work?
in Syncing Devices and Apps
Every time i tty to log into the app. I get a message that go365 doesnt reconize my device. Then its a battle to enter the codes to log in. I have the same device from the time i installed app.
in Syncing Devices and Apps
iOS users ONLY:   The app with the Apple Healthkit fix is available today for download.   Please check your app store to download the new iOS version of the Go365 Mobile app. It may take awhile for the update to be available in all users stores.  If you don’t see it right away, simply recheck for version 4.0.1 of the Go365 Mobile app to fix… (Show more)
in Syncing Devices and Apps
Go 365 says I've only done 8 000 steps today but my watches said I've done over 10 000 so far today. This is not the 1st time steps are not registering on go 365. My phone syncs with my watch all the time I'm not sure what the problem is?
in Syncing Devices and Apps
Hi,   My Apple Health App hasn't synced since 9/3. I'm missing my steps in my weekly calculations. Can you help me troubleshoot this?   Kind regards
in Syncing Devices and Apps
Hello, The last date that the Go365 app recorded my Samsung Health steps was August 28. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Go365 app several times over the past 2 weeks. I have reconnected to S Health and allowed all data to be shared.   I have also uninstalled and reinstalled my Samsung Health app. I am having no issues with any other apps.… (Show more)
in Syncing Devices and Apps
All of sudden not linking up with Samsung health.  have connections show correct and permissions have been granted correctly.  please advise.
in Syncing Devices and Apps
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