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Recently there was an issue with my iPhone. Apple repaired the phone but I am still getting all of my apps situated from my backup.    In the course of doing so, I realized that my Go365 App has not been syncing my steps. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and reconnected it with iHealth and so far no success.    Please help! I am trying to… (Show more)
in Syncing Devices and Apps
Still have an error message “no go 365 coverage” after I was told it would only take seven days to put into the system. Don’t know why or what happened in the first place because I’ve always had humana insurance. Please fix. I’m losing a lot of sync time. 
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I was told I could sync my gear s2 if I loaded the Samsung health app still having problems
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I have uninstalled/reinstalled my fitbit, uninstalled/reinstalled the go365 app, restarted phone, and still they are not showing up on the go365 app.
in Syncing Devices and Apps
Would it be possible to look into whether my sleep data has been recorded properly? I might have a misunderstanding on how the sleep diary functions, or at least I'm not receiving points in the manner that I was expecting. Thank you in advance!
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I have uninstalled and reinstalled my fitbit. my fitbit shows my steps but it is not syncing with the go365 app
in Syncing Devices and Apps
My apple health app is not syncing steps at all. It won’t register steps for challenges but gives me daily work out points. I’ve deleted the app from my phone, restarted it and re synced the app and still it doesn’t sync my steps. Help please.
in Syncing Devices and Apps
I have uninstalled, reinstalled, disconnected, reconnected, I even got a different phone! I know it can receive info from my versa because it gives me credit for daily workouts.....which I don't even do! Why won't it just sync my steps!? 
in Syncing Devices and Apps
Just checked my Go365 and found out my steps are not accurate. I am in step challenge and I am missing amount of steps each day. Some day it is just a 500 steps but this past week I noticed it is 1,000 to 2,000 steps per day. 
in Syncing Devices and Apps
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