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To create a Challenge:


Once signed into your Go365 mobile app, click on the Challenges option on the bottom of your screen



Click on the Create Challenge Link. From here, you can change the challenge to be steps (Selecting the shoe icon) or weight. (Selecting the scale icon) Enter in your duration (1, 2 or 3 months) and start date.



**You have the option of leaving it public, or selecting Invitation-only. When choosing Invitation-only, you can enter email addresses of your contacts you wish to add. This will send them a notification with the link to enter (taking them to the app - Challenges section to opt in)


To join an existing Challenge:


Sign into the Go365 mobile app and select Challenges



Select the search icon in the upper right hand corner and type in the name of the Challenge you wish to be a part of. Click into it and Join. 


Please note: A starting weight must be entered via a connected Go365 partner app on the first day of the challenge to ensure your weight loss percentage calculates. Go to App & device connections to connect an app.

Check out our Device Compatibility List for the available devices:

Device and Workout Guide