Go365 Data - Identified Issue 7.27.2020 - Updated

Blog Post created by communitymanager on Jul 27, 2020
We were recently made aware of an issue that impacts the data we receive from Go365-compatible apps and devices (steps, calories, coaching, sleep, etc.).

Please be assured our IT team is diligently working on a solution.


In the meantime, you may not see all data being represented within your Go365 account.


Once the issue is resolved, all data will be loaded again and points/bucks applied as necessary.


As we work towards a resolution, please know our customer service team is unfortunately not able to support members at this time with this step data issue.


Stay tuned to the Community for further updates and announcements.


Update 7.28.20 - Our IT department has resolved the data issues for some devices. Currently, only Garmin is being impacted. Please know that our IT department is working this as a top priority and will have a resolution as soon as possible.