HumanaVitality Welcome Letter

Version 2

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    We are now part of the HumanaVitality® wellness community, which is free to you as a BenefitMall employee.  As a reminder, the HumanaVitality program is a global wellness and rewards program with over 3.8 million members. This new partnership will consolidate all of our wellness programs, such as Healthy Measures, Live Healthy Challenges, and biometric testing, into a single platform. You will be rewarded for completing a variety of activities, including education, prevention, healthy living and physical activity.


    We are excited to let you know that you are now able to access the Vitality Portal! To get started you will need to complete the health assessment:

    • Go to and register using your Social Security Number (you will receive your ID card later this month)
    • Hover over Get Healthy > Health Assessment Information
    • Then click on “Get Started”


    This 15-minute assessment will move you to Bronze Level Vitality Status™ which means you can start redeeming rewards and:

    • Learn your Vitality Age™
    • Receive personalized wellness goals
    • Redeem rewards like iTunes gift cards, Apple products, gift cards and more!
    • Earn up to 1,250 Vitality Points™ for completing within the first 90 days of our program year– that’s enough to redeem a pedometer!


    Completing this Health Assessment will start you on your journey to Silver Status, which you will want to achieve by December 15, 2015 to receive the full HSA/HCA contribution for 2016. 


    Be on the lookout for more information about the HumanaVitality program, including an enrollment kit in the mail to your home address and site-specific launch events in your local office.


    Please note that you must participate in HumanaVitality and achieve Silver Status to receive the full employer funding contribution for 2016!