LWP Guide- December

Version 12

    The LivingWell Promise is just around the corner. The sooner you begin communication to your staff, the more prepared they will be. Below is a list of documents and communication pieces that you can begin using in December.


    What is the LivingWell Promise?Explains exactly what is required to complete the LivingWell Promise for 2016.
    LivingWell Promise FAQFrequently Asked Questions in regards to the LivingWell Promise. Use this as a reference when answering questions, or send out to your staff so that they can trouble shoot on their own.
    Vitality Check VouchersVery useful tool to send out to everyone who is interested in getting their Vitality Check done. Includes voucher forms for Kroger, Walgreens, and Personal Physician. Also includes a Vitality Check locator.
    How to complete the Health AssessmentA guide on how to complete the Health Assessment
    I forgot my password!Instructions on how to recover your password for Humana Vitality.


    Here are some additional resources you can communicate to your staff.

    Holiday Eating FlyerAn interesting document that provides information and tips on how to stay healthy over the holidays.
    Eating HabitsA 5 page document that contains more tips on eating over the holidays, portion control, and calorie awareness on popular foods.
    Managing Holiday StressStress-management tips from Cleveland Clinic to help minimize seasonal stress.
    6 Cookies that won't break your diet

    The holidays can be a time to splurge on the occasional holiday treat. But if you’re looking for a lighter holiday cookie, try one of these 6 cookies instead!