General Troubleshooting and FAQs for Device Sync

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Is the Fitness device or app compatible with the Go365 program



Is the app or the device's app connected to the your Go365 account?


  • Is the correct device connected?


Is the workout displaying on the device's application or website?

  • Example: For a member that is using a Fitbit One, do the steps display on the Fitbit app or website

  • If not, you will want to contact support from the specific carrier of the device being used

Are the activities in question showing on the your workout calendar on the Go365 website?

Are the activities in question eligible for the Points or Bucks you would be expecting?


  • Example: You logged 10,000 steps and are expecting to see 15 Points; however 10,000 steps are awarded 10 Points. One Point for every 1,000 steps.


Has 72 hours passed since the eligible activity was completed?


  • It can take up to 3 business days for all data to be transferred


If connected via the mobile app, are you logging into your Go365 app at least once a week?

Do the workouts meet the daily workout requirements?



If issues continue (and device/app is connected to Go365) try disconnecting the device or app from the Go365 account, uninstall the Go365 app, then reinstall it and connect the device/app again.

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