How do you earn points with the new health coaching apps?

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You can earn up to 10 Points weekly for interacting with the apps for a total of 520 Points per program year. You must complete one of the following activities in full with the corresponding app to receive Points for the week (Sunday-Saturday). The maximum amount of Points is 10, regardless of how many apps you may choose to use.


Mix and matching (for ex. logging one meal in Noom and 2 check-ins on Craving to Quit) does not qualify for Points:


Eligible Activity
  • Log 3 meals
  • Log physical activity 3x (device synced or manual entry)
  • Message a coach
  • Post in or respond to the group feed
  • Weigh in
  • Read an article

Daily Burn

Fitbit Coach

  • Complete a workout on 3 separate days

Eat Right Now

Unwinding Anxiety

Craving to Quit

  • Complete a Daily Lesson
  • Check in on 3 separate days
  • Complete the Want-O-Meter or Stress Test on 3 separate days (whichever is available)
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